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Legend of Mana Sorrowful Song


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As I'm myself very much into this kind of melodic and "instrumental-sound-oriented" music, some ideas started begging to be let out.

00:00-00:23, it's good that it's a very subtle intro but I think it would benefit from some more vibrant sounds. At 00:13 the windy flute is great but something with a higher tone could be added.

00:24-00:47, love it. Although the guitar got my attention. Of course, I'm a guitar guy, so I always catch that. I think the pattern could be changed for vividness, maybe subtle picking would work well with the atmosphere. Or a picking track could be added alongside the current. I recommend trying if possible.

00:48-01:11, very little progression here. Maybe you could do something with the main instrument for variety? Or add now the picking guitar I mentioned above?

01:12-01:59, wonderful job with the violins. But as DjMystix said, you should add layers of orchestral/woodwind sounds here and there, and maybe build it up to a small climax at 02:00. From there, it would make a natural "drop" toward the end.

02:00-end, good pizzicato part and panning. 02:36 and onward you could try and bring pizzicato down a bit and bring in more woodwind sounds instead, (also high-note strings could work) and slow the tempo down a bit toward the very end. It would fit for a sad ending.

Hope you don't mind me giving off so many ideas, they're just ideas.:-)

I love your arrangement already. This will surely be a good remix.

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