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Please Help Me With This Tab!


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Hi everyone, I'm a beginner guitarist and I decided to learn Sonic 2's Oil Ocean Zone for fun. I found a great tab for the song that's almost all in the first position, so it was nice and easy to learn. However, the guy that tabbed the song left out the ending D: It's driving me insane... I hate leaving a song unresolved lol

Here's the tab: http://www.gametabs.net/sega-genesis/sonic-the-hedgehog-2/oil-ocean-zone

And here's the original song:

About :46 into the song is the part I'm talking about.

Now, since I'm a noob, I can't play by ear at all... could somebody please figure out those last notes for me? Thanks for any help!

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hey dude, not near a guitar at the moment so i can't give you an absolute transcription but this should be relatively (in the musical sense) accurate.

the song sounds like it uses the phyrigian dominant mode, which is derived from the harmonic minor scale yngwie malmsteen loves so much. i'm guessing your timestamp is referring to that little exotic descending run? if so, that lick is best played across two strings, especially if you want to alternate pick every note.

the tab, in the key of e harmonic minor (start with an up-stroke):

e -14-12-11----11-------------------

b --------------13----13-12-11-12-

all you have to do is transpose the 14th fret to whatever the actual first note of the run is, and the rest follows!

good luck!

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@Melody: Thanks a bunch man! Your notation was too high for the tab I was using, and it's difficult for me to reach those notes on a classical guitar, but I took the structure of your tab and moved it way down to start on the fifth fret, and it sounds perfect! Thanks again, I never would have figured out the structure...

@Prophecy: XD

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