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[BOOK RELEASE] Vulgarity For the Masses

Meteo Xavier

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I know we don't get a lot of book releases here and I know I ain't that popular, but I got the go-ahead to post this here for anyone who may be interested.

Fiends! Womans! Invertebrate virgins! Lend me your eyes! I present you the accomplished goal some 15-16 years running as I, Meteo Xavier, also under further pen name, release a debut novel with Burning Bulb Publishing that is guaranteed to make you scream, "Holy fucking shit, Meteo, what the hell is wrong with you!? "

Enter Vulgarity For the Masses, an anthology project designed to fight for your attention and offer a wide range of unique storytelling and insanity the likes of which you have rarely, if ever, seen. This is 9 stories, two of which feature the fictional Meteo Xavier himself, in the obscure genre of bizarro/black comedy/dark fantasy/horror/surrealist/lite Christian fiction, 246 pages of whatever that word is that's stronger than "insanity", that I've been further describing as taking a hit of acid and switching the channels back and forth from Adult Swim and Eraserhead.

Now you're asking yourself, "How is a book like this even legal?" I don't know! But don't tempt fate - buy yourself a copy and judge for yourself who is truly the madman here - the author who produces the book, or the man who chooses to buy it. Don't worry, the answer to that question won't make any bearing on your ability to enjoy it. Buy a copy today so I can afford to eat something that wasn't growing off my bathtub.


Amazon.com - Physical copy at $12.99+shipping.

E-book - $3.99 in a variety of formats.

Cover Art by Gustave Dore and my good publisher man Gary Vincent.

As usual, if I've left anyone out who should be accounted for, let me know!

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The vanity of hoping so is not lost here, I confess, though I must assume that, of the hundreds of remixers listed, surely someone else had before me.

I know George Sanger (The Fat Man) published a book in 1997 and did a couple remixes for OCr, but he's been one of the most famous videogame composers and industrymen in the United States before that - does that count?

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