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OCRA-0028 - Super Dodge Ball: Around the World

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I thought Robbie didn't send "I Lost My Balls In Moscow" because the source was a Russian folk song anyway?

Oh yeah, there is that too.

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Ah. Whoa. :shock: I move that dodgeboobs be ocr's new logo! :)

A Ultima Carimbada has some wonderful melodies. The melody from 1:18 to 2:21 feels like... poetry? to me. It's so pleasant and seems to open up something nice inside. And the outro from 2:50 is particulary powerful.

I Lost My Balls in Moscow is officially the greatest name of any remix on site. :razz: Such a fun piece, too. Love that bite. >:3

Doppelgaenger is rather pleasant, despite portraying a deadly fight of shadow rivals! Keen. ^_^ I like the sort of trilling effect that comes in at 1:10 and goes in and out throughout.

Six Dodge Balls and a Lotus Flower. It could fit in a KOEI historical game. Very cool. Soothing, even. ^__^

Birmingham Beatdown makes the English... appear cool? How did you do that? We're not cool. :P It's a playful track with great drive. :)

Lightspeed. What a beat. :D Inspiring! And serious bizz-ness. ^-^ Also, the effect at 0:48 reminds me of 8 bit racing games. c: 2:24 to 2:51 is my favourite part.

Almost Frozen. A slightly scary track, despite using a lot of chill effects. Tense! :D

Friendly Fire kicks ass. :D

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