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OCRA-0028 - Super Dodge Ball: Around the World


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IT FINALLY HAPPENED! It's like OCR's own Chinese Democracy or Duke Nukem Forever, except it's actually good!

After quite possibly the most protracted development time in the history of arrangement albums, Super Dodge Ball: Around the World is now finally unleashed for public consumption. Enjoy the album, and don't forget to let us know what you think!

Around the World around the web! (new links added as they are found)

ReMixer & Director Stuff

Nitro Game Injection Listening Party: http://kngi.org/p=2548

Rexy's Perspective on 'Almost Frozen':

ergosonic's 'Big Blue Ballin' on YouTube:

DCT's 'Nairobi Hop' on SonicSkillz.com: http://sonicskillz.com/?p=399

'Nairobi Hop' on KhakolakBoy.com: http://khakolakboy.com/?p=88

News Articles

KNGI: http://kngi.org/p=2465

Destructoid: http://www.destructoid.com/new-remix-album-super-dodge-ball-around-the-world-213418.phtml

GoNintendo: http://www.gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=163351

WingDamage: http://www.wingdamage.com/super-dodge-ball-remix-album-mixes-styles-from-around-the-world/

RG Journal: http://www.rgjournal.com/1/post/2011/10/interest-overclocked-remix-throws-a-super-dodge-ball-album.html

NineInchSandwich: http://www.nineinchsandwich.com/?p=6987

ExtraHype: http://www.extrahype.com/new-album-from-oc-remix-super-dodge-ball-around-the-world

8bitX: http://www.8bitx.com/2011/10/super-dodge-ball-around-the-world/

Tiny Cartridge: http://tinycartridge.com/post/11316195581/trailer-for-overclocked-remixs-super-dodge-ball

GameSetWatch: http://gamesetwatch.com/2011/10/super_dodge_ball_around_the_world.php

A Horrible Night: http://www.horriblenight.com/20586/hey-listen-ocremix-remixes-super-dodgeball-soundtrack

Video Game DJ: http://videogamedj.com/ocremix-super-dodge-ball-around-the-world/

Nobuooo: http://nobuooo.com/item/9034

KN.com: http://kevinnottingham.com/2011/10/13/random-mr-jones-khakolak-boy-nairobi-hop-prod-by-dct/

Higher Plain Music: http://higherplainmusic.com/2011/10/11/overclock-remix-doesnt-drop-the-ball/


Emulate-su: http://emulate-su.livejournal.com/507737.html (Russian)

Nitouhei: http://nitouhei.blog42.fc2.com/blog-entry-1562.html (Japanese)

Other SDB Goodness

The Bad Dudes - No Balls, No Glory ReMix Album: http://www.noballsnoglory.net/

Pat The NES Punk's Super Dodge Ball review: http://thepunkeffect.com/?p=495

Walan's crushing SDB defeat at the hands of Pat the NES Punk at MAGFest 9: http://thepunkeffect.com/?p=1184

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Nah, I think that Threshold of a Dream was OCR's Chinese Democracy. You can be the DNF though.

But hey, this is out now. And I'll review it sometime in the near (or far) future. :P


(Honestly, it could be out tomorrow, but don't quote me on that)

From NGI yesterday in the chat.

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The audio sounds great so far, but the artwork is in poor taste.

We aim to please.

I'm honestly surprised. I was talking to Larry and he was like "yeah it could be later today, or maybe sometime tomorrow." Then not an hour later, the album was actually up! SNEAKY!

Also, I've had two complaints about the Dodgeboobs art so far. Number of complaints from women? Zero. Did you know that not only was that drawn by a woman, but drawing it was her idea? Besides, the album has a track called "Go Balls Deep!" What were you expecting? :-P

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Guys, I know the picture on OCR frontpage is all kind of awesome but it makes everyone around me suspicious. There was one guy who actually asked if I was watching a hentai or something....

anyway, awesome album overall. Absolutely loving it! Great job everyone :)

Hah, yeaaah, I can't go to the OCR front page in class anymore. I about shit myself when the balls-over-tits girl popped up for the first time. Kinda would have been a bit of a faux pas if anyone had seen that.

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