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  1. Could you change my name to swansdown?
  2. Hm. I have Katsuma Unleashed for 3DS. It's an easier, slower platformer aimed at a young audience. There are large hit boxes when using the twirling tail attack and the character's jump feels slower than in Mario Bros. But the precision is likely too advanced for her until she's a year or two older; plus, there's some sort of power or character switching you can do after the first few stages that you'd have to explain to her. Here's some gameplay of it. Note that the player is moving quickly, but you don't have to since the enemies are fairly slow. Take a look. If you'd like it, let me know. I wouldn't ask money for it. (I believe I bought it for $4 dollars.)
  3. Ah, so that's why the two games sound different! He had a different goal in mind, different traits to judge his music by. Thank you for translating -- and re-translating! -- this. It can be interesting to see into a creative person's thought process. It was an interesting read.
  4. More Deus Ex! So much damn energy. Getting Tron and System Shock vibes from this too. Very cool.
  5. I'm not familiar with the source or the influence, but you don't have to be. This is a very nice, touching piece. I wager quite a lot of thought and work went into this... it feels as though it's trying to tell a story, although I'm not sure of what.
  6. Wow, this is a nice blend! It also reminds me of DaMonz's Star King. The theme starts out feeling like a conventional Terra remix, then picks up at the 0:35 mark. My favourite part is actually that tiny bit from 0:43-0:48 where the melody seems to flip back in the air and does something I hadn't felt before. And great backing percussion when Decisive Battle comes in. I really enjoy it.
  7. I like it and it's in my MW playlist, but at times it borrows elements heavily from the source without mixing it up enough, like with 2:45-3:45. It's still enjoyable. Just sometimes more of a cover than a full remix.
  8. Slowing the melody down really gives off a nice, calming effect. I like the progressions at 0:50 and 1:20. Could have strayed further from the source, but it's a good track in any case.
  9. DK Island Swing is a classic of his for sure. I thought he was still at Rare, but that's Robin Beanland. Some of his Battletoads work are amazing, especially the lesser known games. Battletoads Arcade: Stage 4 (can feel some DK vibes in there) and Stage 3 Battletoads Gameboy: Stage 2, Stage 4, Stage 7
  10. Very cool. I especially like the layering you've got going. Nice and calming with enough activity to make it exciting.
  11. Yes! Thank you. It's a great album and the audio replacement pack is a great idea. I'll play this the next time I go through Q2.
  12. How did I miss this?! This piece takes you on a whole journey. It's got a lot of cool weirdness that's hard to describe. Like a trippy beat mixed with some Old Doctor Who atmospheric soundtracks? *-) Anyways, I'm going to be listening to this one many times, I can tell. Very yes.
  13. This is a piece I come back to a lot. Like a tense dungeon crawl and always changing. I like it all, but I prefer the first half before the battle really gets started.
  14. YES! This is so awesome! Great, great intro. Really sets the atmosphere.
  15. Nice and scary track for a nice and scary lady. o_o' It adds much needed variation that the source doesn't really have, which is appreciated.
  16. The violin is major cool in this! And I don't even know what's happening with the flute at 2:10-2:24, but I love it. XD Great arrangement and performance all around.
  17. Man, what drive! Power metal FTW! I like the change-up around 1:38 and the synth feel at 2:01-2:13. Good mix of metal and slower bits.
  18. A great take. The soft start stands out, and the harp is wonderful after it comes in. Very strong ending.
  19. I can already tell I'll be listening to this track a lot. No part stands out: they're all great. It's got drive and energy, almost bubbly at times. Would work great as race music.
  20. Whoa! Very cool! O_O The site seems to be down, though. :c
  21. Rocking old school track! Excellent DOS feel! Fits the mood of the game well.
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