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Are there any synth ambient tracks on OC ReMix?


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Theophany's "Avien" is a recently posted one that is VERY good. It isn't at all like God Is An Astronaut. It's much more somber and abstract.

And dude... doesn't God Is An Astronaut have a lot of instruments besides synths going on?

Well, they do, but the theme is still largely synth. I wouldn't call them entirely ambient either, but i'm looking for actual ambient, and stuff like them.

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Ah, well, they really aren't all that ambient in my opinion. They're definitely chill-out ish, though.

Ambient? Try Treasure (AKA David Helpling & John Jenkins). Each of those guys also has solo work that's pretty badass. That's my go-to ambient project.

Actually, now that I think about it, you should check out Hammock if you're looking for something like God Is An Astronaut. Hammock is ambient + some guitars & the occasional washed out, unintelligible vocals. Beautiful stuff.

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