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Anyone know a good, easy to use, free CMS?

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I was recommended Wordpress by lots of people but after poking around with it for a few hours (!) I feel like it's mainly intended for blogs. This isn't the kind of website we're making, it's a simple, comment-free, categories-free, late 90's looking, M$ Frontpage-esque, boring company website, and it needs to be built using a CMS where the admin (dad) can edit pages and do some basic layout with floating images (yeah, that level of layout candy. Wordpress actually does this quite well, I think) with no knowledge of HTML.

For reference, the website used to look like this before the crooks (look at the url and try not to cry) dad paid to host his page shut their servers down.

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No one replied to this? I'm going to put my vote in for Wordpress. Wordpress is an EXTREMELY powerful tool, and I used it at my old job to make everything from website directories, to eCommerce solutions. In my spare time I even created a damn accurate VGMix clone in a relatively short amount of time (though I'm not sure how well optimized it'd be for that kind of load).

If you want to make an easy to edit, blog free wordpress site all you need to do is:

  1. Add a bunch of pages
  2. Disable comments (you may want to also comment OUT the comments template, or not add one if you're making a custom site)
  3. Change the "main page" under "admin -> reading, iirc" to a static page, and leave the "post index" blank

Now you can easily add, edit, delete pages with relative ease, and you have access to wordpress's editor and plugins (All-In-One SEO pack, Sitemap generators, etc).

Also make sure you turn clean URLs on.

I've never used Drupal, so I can't comment on that, but I didn't like Joomla because it really bottle necks you into a specific "Section -> Category -> Article" format, as far as I could tell, and I didn't really feel that suitable for many solutions.

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