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Flying-Under-Radar Repository?


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I know there must be tons of undiscovered musical talent out there that warrants listening to. OCR artists know more than most how many great musicians today remain unsung by the masses. It's sort of like how there are small stores that sell you good merchandise for cheaper than the big dogs. Lack of exposure alone is all that keeps them from getting more customers.

I'm asking you guys -I'm mostly interested in you veteran remixer's opinions- where is a good place to go to find this stuff? If it's free, even better.

To clarify context, I'm trying to create a good library of tracks for me and my buds who are just starting to collaborate on weekends for pickup volleyball games at a park. I bought a great boombox and have everything ready, but just need fitting music. I've got a start with a small chunk of the music you hear on the radio, but I want to share new stuff with these guys --and myself.

Knowing that I'm looking for those sort of tracks, if you guys could recommend individual songs that are great for keeping you pumped and playing, that'd be great too. Lastly, recommend a remix from the site! I already have stuck a few OCR's in there!

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- Anything by PrototypeRaptor (look for him on Beatport or Soundcloud, too)

- Wonderful Bite or BigBot Audiodrop by SGX

- Mysto and Pizzi, who have some big-name remix credits, have a lot of free stuff

- I dig this (Free) single by The Beatards (and I remixed it, too)

- Tons of music to be had via the Electro Freaks Present compilation albums

- s/he's debut album is incredible...

- ...and the lead singer's previous projects were pretty stinkin' awesome as well

- I'd be tickled to death if you were to play some of my music

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holy crap thank you so much for posting this

this is just too awesome

Okay, so considering most of my time is spent on Nico Nico Douga, most of my playlist is indie Japanese artists. And of these, most of the artists I like have very... eclectic tastes. Like, some of these people are really big on the Japanese side of the internet, but almost none of my American friends can stand listening to them. So I promise nothing, but. :P

- For trance, Hanasoumen does some GREAT stuff. The Endless Love,


- Hachi writes ridiculous stuff that makes no sense but dang it it's catchy. Panda Hero, Matryoshka.

- wowaka is one of my favorite artists ever. I've no idea how to classify his songs, but I can't help but rock out to each one of them. His debut album, Unhappy Refrain, is amazing from start to finish. Unhappy Refrain,


That's all I can think of right now for stuff that really makes me wanna move. Hopefully these aren't too out-there for you. :D

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