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  1. Be it Sheik or SS Impa, I don't care. I just want somebody to fill that fighting style, as Sheik is one of my mains, haha. Though I would like to see a Sheik design using the same design considerations as were put into Zelda for this game (basically a Skyward Swordified version of the Twilight Princess design).
  2. Ando


    I've actually been pleasantly surprised with how much I'm enjoying this one. On the surface it looks pretty generic (and come to think of it, there's really nothing overly unique or spectacular about it), but there's something compelling about it. I've also been surprised with how much I enjoy Kill la Kill, considering I couldn't at all get into Gurren Lagan. I love the way it's a sort of homage to classic 70's - 80's anime and superhero stuff. And the quality of the animation and directing is just enough to overcome the fact that there's so much fanservice. Speaking of "homage to classic superhero stuff", anybody else been watching Samurai Flamenco? I've only watched the first two episodes so far, but I'm really digging the style, and the concept of a guy who isn't at all a superhero going around doing vigilante stuff is neat (kind of a more light-hearted take on the Kick-Ass concept). My only concern is that -- as of the two episode mark, anyway -- there doesn't seem to be any sort of goal or direction at all for the show to go in. I like it so far, but if it keeps meandering about, it won't be able to hold me all season.
  3. Okay so that new single-player Call stage + boss stretch goal needs to be achieved please. That would be the best thing. As for her design, I voted for H, myself. I really like clean, simple designs like that, though I could live with F as well.
  4. I'm okay with violence (and here I assume we're speaking of more realistic violence, in opposition to something like, say, Kingdom Hearts) in anything up to a point. I think that, for me, it depends on the point of the violence. For example, The Last of Us (no spoilers) is a violent, brutal, heavy game, but the violence serves to accentuate just how gone to crap this world is and just how not a good guy Joel is -- while still remaining largely avoidable for those who want to stealth run it. But I tried to play Saint's Row 3 and just couldn't get into it; the very nature of a game that basically encourages you to run over as many people as possible and beat up innocent civilians and everything just isn't for me. A lot of people are okay with it, and I guess that's okay?, but I can't say I particularly enjoy it, haha. Infinite really toed the line for me, actually. On the one hand, I've heard the arguments that the level of gore in the game helps to unsettle the player and drive home the point that this isn't a good place, and I guess that makes sense, but to me it just felt somewhat indulgent on the part of Ken Levine (I seem to remember him making a comment to that effect in an interview, but I could be making that up) and couldn't really see any... "artistic value" to it, for lack of better term. I didn't really feel like the overall experience of the game was bettered by it. As such, I was never really able to get past it.
  5. Ando

    Nintendo 2DS

    I've not played them myself, but apparently Super Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus: Uprising become fairly to significantly more challenging if played in 2D (added difficulty in determining platform location, projectile position, etc.), and it looks like the upcoming A Link Between Worlds might make fair use of the 3D as well. Kind of a bummer that they rely so much on the 3D if they know that a fair portion of the user base isn't going to be using the 3D, especially if they release a system that lacks 3D capabilities altogether.
  6. You raise some excellent points here; ideas I'd actually never thought of before. That being said, though, I feel like the way that Microsoft is going about it is flawed. Obviously it can't yet be said for sure what Microsoft's plan is regarding used games, but if they are indeed prohibiting the ability for me to move my games independently (i.e. selling or giving them directly to people, or even just letting a friend borrow them), then I don't see how that can be good for the consumer. Other forms of media don't have that level of blocking and they seem to be doing fine, price-wise (aren't new albums usually a pretty reasonable $10~15?).
  7. Achievements don't bother me so much. What bother me are the games with infinite quests (a la Skyrim's Radiant AI). I like being able to reach that sense of completion -- of finality. I will spend an ungodly number of hours completing the most mundane tasks in a game, but if the quests never run out, then I can never finish the game.
  8. I don't know if you've seen it, but Adam Sessler discusses the gameplay itself about halfway into .
  9. Ha, whoa, no need to freak out. It all comes down to personal preference. I personally don't enjoy using a keyboard + mouse configuration, and if I can set the game to use my Dualshock 3, you can bet I'm gonna (friggin' PC version of Mass Effect 1 and 2 don't let me ). And I did! Yeah, if you plug a 360 controller in, the game should recognize it right off the bat. If you wanna use a PS3 controller, Google "MotionInJoy" and use the drivers there; be sure to set it to "X360 Controller Emulation" to trick your system into thinking it's a 360 controller (you'll also probably have to change some of the button settings to follow the 360 controller layout -- set Circle to A, Triangle to Y, etc.).
  10. Hello! Let's just go ahead and get the Tindeck link out of the way: http://tindeck.com/listen/cqsk This is my first real attempt at recording anything and I've no formal training whatsoever, so I'm primarily looking for feedback regarding recording quality and mastering. I did some research beforehand, so now I'd like to know how well I applied those things and where I could stand to improve. (Let's ignore the fact that my timing is nowhere near as good as I thought it was, haha.) I wonder if maybe the rhythm guitar is too loud, but when I turn it down it sounds too weak, so I'm really not sure what to do about that. This is very much a theme I'd like to revisit at some point, so any and all advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Even with the title of your post I still wasn't expecting that. I nearly peed myself laughing. This is just too much, North Korea. It's getting to the point now where I'm actively looking forward to the next piece of hate video just to see what video game they pull from next.
  12. This is an excellent start! I've always been a big fan of this theme, so seeing a remix is brilliant, especially one that's started as promisingly as this one has. Would love to see you expand on it!
  13. Don't forget the PC-Engine version of Shadow of the Beast! http://youtu.be/rZiRhdxiWEs
  14. Please do. It's such an incredible game, and this album perfectly captures that feeling of absolute despair at the coming apocalypse. Theophany, you really did an excellent job with this. This is an addictive album. Loooove it so much.
  15. Wow!! Man, I'm only a couple of tracks in so far but wow this is great!! I find it really impressive just how sad the music sounds, haha; seriously, all of the arrangements I've previously heard of most of these songs have been fairly... positive, I guess? But this really brings the apocalyptic feeling to the forefront. Really, really great stuff.
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