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You remember your favorite fish screen savers from the past? Well, now you can watch real LIVE fishies all day long!

I spent part of my weekend helping set up a stream for the underwater camera I gave my parents to put in their Koi pond. You can check it out on ustream here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/baxter-koi-cam

The pond is about 4.5 feet deep, and the fish spend the winter in there. There are many koi in there, and also many goldfish. Best time to watch is during the day. At night the camera switches to black and white and turns on its infrared array, which unfortunately reflects on the particles in the water. You can still see the fish at night if they come close. Hopefully once the waterfall is shut down things will settle.

Not sure how many people dig this kind of thing but I thought it'd be fun to share.

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In the colder months and winter the fish will slow down and become more dormant to conserve energy and fat. They stopped feeding them weeks ago to help them start their dormant cycle. About five bags of salt were added to the water to cause the fish to develop a thicker slime coat to protect them from parasites. This is also what is partially causing the haziness in the water. My father is going to be doing a large water change tonight to help alleviate some of that.

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