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  1. I have not posted anything in years, let alone visited OCR. But Kong in Concert, and the Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Blood on the Asphalt really have mega nostalgia for me. The DKC2 one was also awesome as well. I cant believe its been that long since its been out. IDK where the time goes but I was in high school when it came out now, ive got three kids.
  2. I am so excited. Did you hear the music. It sounds just like it should
  3. My gift should be there by now, has it arrived? I dont know if I made any indication that It was from me. So if you got a mystery gift from it could be me.
  4. The receiver received the receivables. Sorry about the delay, Ive been busy working on interviews for a new career That being said, I also sent mine out, should be there in 2 or 3 days. Thanks The decal looks great way better than this picture, for some reason it looks like it has a 3d look but its just me messin up with the camera. Thanks for all the Zelda loot!
  5. Count me in! Filled up on Google docs
  6. haha Turns out he reads other things too 50 sha.... Just click it
  7. Meh, its probably just a front for a bunch of child labor prodigys in D.C. that just judge the mixes really fast.
  8. I added my self, as well as a picture
  9. I play, but im pretty awful. I really like watching others play tho. You could say I main Druid.
  10. Im pretty sure that they are probably aware of the fact that they wont be paid when they sign the contract. Its not like they do their thing then the executives say "oh sorry you aint getting paid" they know what they are getting to. Taxes - whatever.
  11. Nope it was me. Ill tell you what, figuring out what to get you was kinda tricky but you said you wanted something that down the road you would see it and remember that one year you got it from the OCRSS. I was hoping this would fit the bill.
  12. I feel bad that mine hasn't gotten their gift yet, But when it gets there. It will be one (or more) of a kind. BUT it is making progress.
  13. Its so big and pretty and I almost dont want to open it. almost. Major props to my SS! who is still unknown. Also ill be sending mine out soon I just got to get these final papers knocked out.
  14. I think he was being scarstaic.. and even if he aint.. I don't want some weird sex toy ending up at my house... which is probably what will happen now. Some quick info on me. Im a dude, 25 years old. taller and about 180 aka Large for most shirts. I like Game stuff, specifically when its subtly Incorporated in to the design. OCR swag is always cool, so are homemade goods. (one year I got some awesome cookies) Steam wish list Amazon This is just a base line of the kinda of junk I like.
  15. No love for NCS? hes one of the first and few LPers I like, tells good storys and is amazing at NES and SNES games but is kinda awful at the newer stuff, which makes it fun. I also really like LAGtv and Husky as well
  16. But at least it be a good game people could rave on about for a decade.
  17. So far Ive picked up Bastion- Yet to play it but people appear to enjoy it. Waves- This game is a pretty fun arcade time killer, its also really pretty. FEZ- This game is so cool, im only maybe 15 mins in and I can tell that its going to be a fun game, There have already been a few good moments where I sat, smiled and thought wow that was kidna cool, or been surprised by an reference to other games.
  18. There are good deals to be had for sure, and a few games I want to pick up. But I know that the last day things get really good. Ill wait till the last day or so.
  19. A tournament rap battle would be cool, sorta like a Smash Bros of rap, that way each "contestant" could have their own style and uniqueness and you would be able to get a wide variety of games represented. Kinda like the two tracks in the "Bad Ass" album with link and gannon.
  20. sweet, so I can now get a PS4 then get whatever Xbox1 game I thought I was going to miss on PC. Im ok with that.
  21. if money aint an issue. Get the PS4 first, then when the XB1 price drops get that later, lots of people have both (360 PS3). And its far more likely that the XB1 is going to have a price drop faster than the PS4.
  22. I hope they have that fairy swordsman from soul caliber on the gamecube. That would be cool
  23. So far this looks to be the first system I preorder and get day one. Unless they do something stupid. The Crew looks sweet, But MGG5 is a day one seller for me.
  24. QFE. I used to be a day one buyer of almost FF game. But each time I find myself thinking I should've just waited for the game to show up half priced on craigslist. Maybe Im getting older and the magic is just getting away from me.
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