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OCRA-0029 - 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute


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Woof. Just finished listening to the album. Fantastic. Great variety, and all of it solid. Standout tracks for me would be Skyward, Thunderstruck, Hey, Listen, and Last Dance of the Giants, but it's all great. As a self-professed Zelda fanatic, it was nice to hear the wonderful music of the series being explored in a so many interesting ways. Nice work! :nicework:

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G'day from down under!

Firstly, thank you to the artists and contributors for a great album commemorating this special anniversary.

I'm an Australian radio DJ and I'll be featuring two tracks: Chamber of the Goddess and Thunderstruck on our Drive-time show on Fine Music 102.5FM.

We broadcast on FM and DAB+ Sydney-wide and also stream round the world on finemusicfm.com. Check us out and listen! We play mostly classical but also jazz, funk, ambient, reggae, DnB, noise, and anything non-mainstream.

I'll be playing the two tracks round about 1750 (5:50pm) on Wednesday 30th January. (Australian Eastern Standard time = UTC+11:00)

Listen out to Fine Music Drive!

Cheers all!

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