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  1. So favorites threads are cool now? Meh, I'm not worried about it if you guys aren't. My heart says Breath of the Wild but my mind says The Last of Us. No game has made me feel something more keenly than The Last of Us, even if mostly that feeling was revulsion and sadness at the end.
  2. Wow I had completely forgotten about this but now that you mention it that was totally a thing. Nice find!
  3. ^Lolz. Thanks for the comic relief here, @Modus. Working in reverse order... @AngelCityOutlaw: First off, I appreciate the honesty and the benefit of your experience. So, to address your concerns there, yeah, the schedule being my primary motivation is exactly what's holding me back, but I would say that the reason I'm a dispatcher now is that I do have a strong internal motivation to help people, so lives being on the line is (sort of) a plus. It terrifies me, for sure, but so did being a dispatcher and I did that anyway, largely because I thought I could help people.
  4. Hey y'all! I got a random one for you, which might seem silly to ask here, but I think your impartiality might help me out. Sooooo, right now I work as a telecommunicator for my local police department. Basically, I'm a 911 dispatcher. Yes, it is crazy. Yes, I hear insane stuff frequently. That's not what I'm here for, though. I like the job quite a bit, but it's not perfect. There are a couple big problems, the primary one being the schedule. Right now I work night shift, which is ok but not optimal, but worse than that, I rotate so that I work every other weekend. The prob
  5. Oh man! This is terrible. When I first started listening to OCR AIM was still a thing, and we randomly became AIM buddies. In addition to being a badass musician, he was (and I'm sure still is) a super nice guy. @Suguru, thanks for sharing this! @bLiNd, good luck man, we got you!
  6. Hoo boy. Sooo, yeah. This was not my best MAG. Definitely experienced some substantial personal Sturm und Drang that, along with just generally trying to help my lady acclimate to her first MAG, kept me from much of what I wanted to do. I'm pretty bummed I missed you guys entirely. But! Next year, my dudes. Next year. I will return, like MacArthur. Or Larry Oji. We'll hang.
  7. This is sad. Glad to have you, though!
  8. Oh man I remember the first year they introduced the challenges (M5? M6?) I walked up like yeah, surely I can win at least one of these. Lulz. There is no hard like old school hard. @jmr, that sounds lit! I'm doing Concert Security again this year, so hopefully I'll be there to help the show go well.
  9. Good luck with Gundam. Back when I used to actually play competitive games I would come to MAG partially to restore my humility. I'm pretty decent at Soul Calibur, for instance, and last year I did like a 20 win streak at the arcade on Soul Cal 2 before I got DEMOLISHED by the best Kilik player I have ever seen. Dude utterly destroyed me. It was beautiful. As to jamming, I'd love to do this, but I feel like there's always something going on in the jam space (and clinic space) except for maybe the wee hours of the morning.
  10. Just chiming in with a quick edit for OCR events! - djp OVERCOME CREATIVE DIFFICULTIES (THURSDAY, 8PM) - BACK-TO-BACK #1, SAME ROOM! Real Talk: The Creative Experience with MAGFriends TIME: Thursday, Jan 4th at 8 PM until 9 PM LOCATION: Panels 3 – Woodrow Wilson Ballroom https://guidebook.com/guide/101720/event/17430247/ AWFUL FIGHTING GAMES (THURSDAY, 9:30PM) - BACK-TO-BACK #2, SAME ROOM! Awesome(ly terrible) Fighting Game SHOWDOWN (presented by OC ReMix) TIME: Thursday, Jan 4th at 9:30 PM until 10:30 PM LOCATION: Panels 3 – Woodrow Wilson Ballroo
  11. The Legend of Zelda: The Spirit Tracks final dungeon just wore me the F down. As some of y'all might know, I have a triforce tattooed on my spine. I'm pretty serial about my Zelda, and this is one of very few in the series I haven't completed. Just sooooo tediously difficult. One of the other Zeldas I didn't complete? 2. And it wasn't Shadow Link. It was the area leading up to the final Temple. You know the section on the overworld with the random encounters with super strong Lizalfos, the weird eyeball dudes that dropped fire, and the lava? Yeah, that. So !#%$ing frustrating. Gro
  12. Hey y'all! I'm gonna be there! What's on the docket this year? Late night PPR discussions in real life? Profanity-laced pancake breakfasts? Nuking forums for bad behavior? On the real though, when's the OCR workout? When's the OCU concert? When's the panelz? I probably could look all this up, but I'm lazy.
  13. Grrr! I had like next to no chilling with OCR peeps time this year. What's the next east coast event, yo?
  14. Checkout is at 10 actually and then I ride back to Raleigh, soI may not work out in the morning after all. Next MAGFest for sure, bros.
  15. So, I showed up to work out at like 1045 or so, which is perhaps a little late given I said 10 haha. I met Jeremy (Taucer) on the way down but I don't think anyone else was still there. I'm working tomorrow morning until 1pm but how about we work out Sunday morning at 10? For real? I'll set an alarm and stuff. Let's bro it up. P.s. GroupMe isn't working for crap for me. Thus, forum posts.
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