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  1. The first album is a little rough because there's like no bass, but the Summer Singles/Dawn Metropolis/Scott Pilgrim era will always be 10/10 for me.
  2. Slime Girls - Sorta surf punk or indie pop with chips, they're getting sorta underground-big, but I didn't see them mentioned in the thread. Super good arrangements, and I'm pretty sure they use LSDj which is always an inspiration. I make stuff too but I'm not confident with my production/mixing skills to post it. It seems like more and more people are going to 9bit or fakebit, which is fine, but I liked the first Anamanaguchi album more than the rest because it felt simpler, not so bogged down in production. Their sample based stuff is definitely good, they got my #3 album of the year last year (beat by Superchunk and Streetlight Manifesto), but it feels like they have a different approach to arranging when they changed tools, and I liked the more indie rock stuff compared to the dance-y stuff. Prom Night is my favorite song of all time though.
  3. Been working on a similar thing, actually. Concept songs for different gym leaders, in the same key as the original, but with different chords/melodies so-as to stand up on their own. I'm interested, but I don't want to full commit right now. For example, my Brock one is about going up to the mountains, hoping a sabbatical will help a failing relationship. It's not really about Brock but the concept was around Mt. Moon and uses the key of the Pewter theme.
  4. would you be able to pm me how you do it? I looked around but didn't find much
  5. he'll/she'll be the youngest to get a passed remix, (over)clocking in at 3 years old
  6. I posted non-remix music to a non-music forum and got responses like "I don't like the genre" or "it's good!" :I Not a criticism in sight. I...r-really? For such a bad rep Homestuck fans have gotten and how dense the community must be, that impresses me.
  7. It's really cool if you like novelty stuff, but I don't really have a place/want for stuff like that, though I love the concept.
  8. Happy B-Day! Sorry for all trouble I gave with the Cid stuff!
  9. If you've never played a jrpg before, you want the quintessential Final Fantasy experience, play FF4 or the Dawn of Souls remake of FF1. They are both games that run on relatively low story compared to giants like FF6 or FF10. If you're familiar with the story-heavy nature of jrpgs, good ones to start with: FF1, FF4, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF10
  10. Trombone Toad is the best and anyone who disagrees is wrong.
  11. Earthbound - Beautiful music, not all orchestral or hard rock like most other games, based a lot around jazz, swing, and early rock/blues, it definitely caught my ear. Pokemon Black and White - A more recent example, but it's music was really, really good, AND if you talk to certain people in towns, you get extra instruments to join in the music, which just blows my fuckin mind. Mother 3 - But for different reasons than Earthbound. In this game, battle mechanics influence how well your attacks do. Each character has an instrument that they are represented by. When you use that characters attack, if you tap the 'A' button in rhythm with that instrument, you get bonus mini-attacks. Again, blew my fuckin mind. Final Fantasy 6 - This game has great compositions and excellent ambiance. But that's not really why I liked it. It taught me the effectiveness of a leitmotif, or a recurring melody/musical cue. Mega Man 2 - Oh man Mega Man 2 rocked my socks.
  12. My favorite games end up being the ones that will keep my attention and be entertaining for the whole ride, so in essence I am looking specifically for replay-ability. That said, I agree that super-imposed challenges that go against the games intended mechanics like doing limited runs or lv1 runs are boring and akin to grasping at straws.
  13. I like to go to the OverClocked ReMix forums.
  14. I haven't even seen it in hordes, just when pokemon with quick animations come out, like Beedrill
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