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Cyber Monday Deal from BS/OD (that's me!)


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I'm offering up two deals on some of my music.

My first album, The System is Down is on sale for $1.00 (or more).


The album I'm currently working on, Binary Birth, is in pre-order status but several songs have been released already. $2.00 (or more) will get you the entire album and I'm releasing the songs as they're completed.


Thanks for checking them out! :)

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I was just giving a reason for moving so he knew. :whatevaa:

Not every reason has to come off like an administrative warning. Exercise tact. You could've written something along the lines of,


Sorry, Shaggy, but I need to move this to Workshop as we only allow posted remixers to post their albums in General Discussion. Nothing personal, just part of the job.

Congrats on the album release all the same. :)

That would've been a much better way of presenting it without killing the mood and potential album sales.

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