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Morrowind Mod

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I have the itch to go back and play morrowind, but can't really stomach the old school graphics (I know I am spoiled by the HD generation)

I was looking through the mods and I have 2 problems:

1) There are TONS to go through

2) Many of them require the expansions which I dont have, and would prefer not to hunt them down via torrent (not really big on pirating at all) nor do I really want to shop for em...

So here is the questions:

Any one know of a specific graphic improvement mod for the original Morrowind?

Not looking for any fancy stuff, just want to see the original with nicer textures, models, water effects etc...


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After trying to get Morroblivion to run i gave this one a shot. You can use the Steam version and get everything you need for a couple of bucks.

Ya'know....I looked at some of the YouTube videos of this. Why are their TREES surrounding Balmora? That kind of...wasn't the point. It was in a desert.

Some of the greens are too green, it doesn't look PERFECT, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to give this a try.

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