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Tyrian - "One Musn't Fall"

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I must say, when I saw the Bad Ass Bosses album, I thought "This might be it! Someone might have included Vykromod!" (I often wondered why he wasn't a contender in GameSpot's "Ultimate Villain" contest. I guess too many people were pre-occupied with FF). And I was greatly disappointed.

Who doesn't remember reading the Vykromod DataCube after the very first ever level of Tyrian, which boils down to "I'll be back!", and then reading the second DataCube from ol' Vyk right before entering the last level of the first episode, saying "I'm back, I'm pissed, and I'm more heavily armed than last time...Have a nice day"?

You might not remember the 'Cubes, but you'll most certainly remember the boss theme. The strains of the synthesized string section (the General MIDI version has more easily identifiable "string" instruments than the original FM Synth version), and the tolling of that, er, one bell. But it's a bass bell! The kind that drives the rest of the melody with the sort of pulse-pounding, "this is the final stand!" urgency (as if dodging the ridiculously rapid firing guns of Vykromod's improved ship didn't already give you that impression)!

And you could supplement it with "Come Back Again To Savara", that creepy tune that played during the end text scroll of Episode 1. You know, the one with the dude's skull on a spike, and his spine wrapped around it?

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Sounds like you're easily disappointed. ;)

Anyway, here's some youtube links (these are cool tracks, I agree):



"Easily disappointed" is someone who's disappointed by a wide range of things. I was disappointed by the absence of a single element (not to mention the surplus of another element).

BUT! The whole of the Tyrian soundtrack, or at least the tracks that were scored for the original 1995 Epic MegaGames release (Tyrian 2000 has all of them, but the "OST" included on the CD lacked several tracks) can be found on Alexander Brandon's personal Bandcamp.com page. And there's even little factoids for each track as you play them!

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I know Tyrian is totally awesome as I played it extensively back in the day, but it's not exactly surprising that it wouldn't get pegged for as a selection for an album; it's still quite a bit obscure in comparison to many other games, Final Fantasy especially.

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