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Carols of the 2a03

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Hey! I have a new Christmas album on bandcamp. Yeah it's a bit close to Christmas day (after which all Christmas-related music gets ignored for a year) but whatever. I'm hosting this on bandcamp and it's pay-what-you-want, so give me money or don't, whatever you feel like doing.

The album is a bunch of carols and hymns that I grew up with and liked that are now modified into something better (and in some cases, crazier)... all written in Famitracker. Enjoy!

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Probably would've been more appropriate in the Originals section and/or Community, possibly.

That being said, this is awesome, as usual, Rushjet. Glad to hear you're still in the business of awesome. Only complaint would be that the album is short overall, but it's still great for what's here.

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