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  1. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    That and the limitations of any given system in terms of voice count, volume, etc. That's mostly what gave the systems their characteristic sounds.
  2. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...? I did not make this; it was on the FamiTracker forums. It is a single channel with one bit volume control and manages to sound great.
  3. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    Bump For Relevance
  4. After several months of work, I've completed my VRC6 chiptune cover trilogy of the first 3 Mega Man games with Mega Man 2, this time at 60FPS thanks to YouTube updating their site recently: Mega Man 2 Remade - Bandcamp The album on Bandcamp is set to "Pay what you want," which means it's free unless you want to pay me. This is a re-imagining of Mega Man 2's soundtrack using Famitracker, a NES music creation tool. With it, I can use expansion chips used in the Japanese Famicom. This album uses VRC6 and is in stereo- the Famicom (or a modded NES) could play these, minus the stereo.
  5. RushJet1

    1001 Spikes Awesome NES Soundtrack

    <3 thanks Sam
  6. Hello, after 3 months of work I've written the successor to the Mega Man 3 cover playthrough I made last year - this time it's a cover of Mega Man 1. You can find the youtube link here and the bandcamp link for download here. This is a re-imagining of the original Mega Man's soundtrack using Famitracker, a NES music creation tool. With it, I can use expansion chips used in the Japanese Famicom. This album uses VRC6 and is in stereo- the Famicom (or a modded NES) could play these, minus the stereo.
  7. After 9 months of work (random laziness / sidetracking!) I've finally released the Mega Man 3 cover playthrough. You can see it here: This is a video of me playing through Mega Man 3 with all the music remixed using the VRC6 expansion in stereo. Headphones are recommended as the stereo was programmed with headphones in mind. Enjoy! I also released this on Bandcamp (linked in youtube description as well):
  8. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTE---- wait I'm tired, going to bed. Oh, and I don't see how you're missing it. Doesn't say that straight chiptunes are going to be nearly ruled out.
  9. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    I know, right? Even though it's protricity. I was surprised too!
  10. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    I tried submitting two different chiptunes, one in 2004, one in 2005 or 2006, can't remember on the 2nd one. Both got form letter rejected, and I was pretty much completely in the dark as to why they got rejected at the time, at least until Espergirl 2A03's thread. Then I'm like "oh, they just don't want chiptunes I guess." If you read the thread, there isn't much room for debate at all, we didn't take it to mean that chiptunes weren't submittable, it was spelled out. That pretty well says "no chiptunes," there is no gray area, end of discussion. Why would I bother writing them for this site with that as the precedent? I realize that they've kind of gone back on this stance and are saying that maybe there's a slim chance that it might work if the composition is crazy good, but that's now, and this was then.
  11. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    So since espergirl was rejected, you're inadvertently comparing it to MIDIs run through GXSCC. OK (maybe unfinished instead of unreleased? ) Note: I may not finish any of these. 1534 Bach Ages (took a Bach fugue and made it sound like dungeon music from Zelda Oracle of Ages) Distant Star dark labyrinth (this one is finished but didn't really release the NES one) Eyes of Flame (pretty damn unfinished) Fevered Guitar Dream (a cover of a modshrine OHC) Mega Man V- Wily Stage (heosmode) Nintendo World Cup songs 2/3 (yeah it's on my youtube, still not done)
  12. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    Thought that it had been established that chipmusic is more of an instrument than a genre/style. You can have rock, metal, jazz, classical, funk, punk etc all represented within the "chiptune" label. Just look at shnabubula's list of chiptunes that he had a couple pages ago and listen.
  13. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    From what I can tell yeah. I think it's LSDJ (composed on the gameboy itself).
  14. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    So you're saying writing isn't art? And you could do the same with any electronic music, say that it's too new and hasn't hit its stride yet or something because it's only a couple decades old.
  15. RushJet1

    Chiptunes ...?

    How can you say that and not be sick of every other instrument/style other than very recent ones? The number of artists actually writing chiptunes pales in comparison to most other instruments or genres, and it's been around for about 30 years, while rock's been around for 60ish. Man I feel like the electric guitar has run its course....