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Some Spaghetti Western thing (Requiescat in Pace, Bastardo!)

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lots of work to do still (I need to work on the guitar at the beginning) Going fro something very raw sounds withs grit. if that makes sense. I donno.


I'm sorry Ennio Morricone


big update. Sounds sooooooooo much better guys. Still no bass :( but I didn't have time for that before leaving for magfest. Acoustic guitar, some perc. And some vocals really round this out!!!

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I like the trumpet and violin tone, in this. That guitar, though... I like the idea of a guitar in there, but that just sounds too overcompressed and over EQ'd. It makes for some fine guitar soup. The lack of bass in this song also is distracting.

Better guitar sound and some more bass would make this track win pretty hard.

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Yeah I love how the guitar sounds during the big notes at the beginning but I've grown less and less fond of it after that. And bass and percussion are definitely coming eventually.

the guitar is Crappy guitar through a crappy amp so yeah haha. gotta at least use a GOOD amp

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