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  1. anterroir

    The OCR mashup thread!

    nice stuff so far
  2. anterroir

    The OCR mashup thread!

    okay - we got: ZZtop vs. David Bowie Koji Kondo vs. Peter Gabriel Drake vs WiiShopChannel <- not my original idea but it needed proper execution
  3.>> will be ported to osx
  4. anterroir

    Studio One 3 - My new main DAW

    something like this ? ->
  5. Drum stems are a complete mess kick in the hat lanes + snare lanes ...... udu lanes
  6. anterroir

    New ReMix Stems

    Interesting track -> rough headphone mix
  7. anterroir

    Prepare Your Bowels - Omnisphere 2

    Please be aware that you can't update second hand licenses !
  8. anterroir

    The Music Software Deals thread

    That NI deal is good if you want to STAY on version 9 - if you buy ultimate 9 now and you want to update to ultimate 10 you pay another 499 - thats 1100 bucks so if you can wait till 10 is out you can grab that for 999. I made that mistake two years ago and argued for over a month with NI if they can discount the update so that I dont end up paying 100 extra .......... NO WAY:sleepdepriv:
  9. anterroir

    The Music Software Deals thread

    WOW -what a deal - the micro shift algorithm on it's own kicks ass -
  10. ...... tumble weed ...... only two more and you can upgrade to the big bug net
  11. awwwwww - and I thought we all could make a fantasctic Bee-Gees cover Band .......
  12. That one made my day !! :D Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell Where the banshees live and they do live well Stonehenge! Where a man's a man And the children dance to the Pipes of Pan
  13. ..... do you smell whats on the stoooove tonight ....