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Keith Courage in Alpha Zones - Rock Zone


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So, this is going to eventually be my first video game remix. I've been reluctant to do them in the past because I never really felt like I had a handle on how I wanted to go about the process of remixing. Now that I'm feeling more comfortable with the idea, I wanted to start working on something that hasn't been covered very much in OCR which is Turbo Grafx games.

I chose Keith Courage in Alpha Zones since it's one of the more popular titles. I'm doing the intro music as well as the music for the first level, Rock Zone, in both the over world and under wold sections.

In the WIP so far, there's the intro and the over world music. It's still a bit sparse in areas and I'm still working on getting more variations in there but I thought I'd go ahead and let it loose in the forums. I'll post more updates as I get more work done on it.

BTW, this is all done in Reason. Guitars and Bass were recording live but everything else is inside of Reason.

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Hooray for under-represented games being remixed! And the Turbografx as well? Bonus points :)

The intro to this is great! I was expecting some more 80s style synth rock, but then it kinda dries up and the synth you have going throughout is pretty cheesy! Definitely change that, as well as trying a few different synths within the song. The drums could use some beefing up, as could the guitar. There's some nice scratching effects in there that could stand being much louder as well!

You already know it's pretty sparse so I'm sure you'll sort that out later, but for a start, it's pretty decent. Try and get more of it to sound like the intro, and I think it'll turn out nicely!

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The funny thing about the source music is that the intro is quite nice full compared to the over world music in the Rock Zone. That section is pretty understated but I'm working to make it a little more exciting with any luck.

My plans for the lead line are to replace it with something from my Mopho or Little Phatty once I'm set on the melody. Once the under world section kicks in, there guitars will be more prevalent and somewhat darker since there will be a key change. As far as the scratching, I need to make that stand out more but I really haven't EQ'd that stuff yet.

More layers will be added as time goes. Songs are like oinions...they have layers. ;)

For those that wana hear/see the Rock Zone level, here it is

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Did a bit more work on this today. Here's what's new/different

1. Changed the sound of the lead line during the Overworld theme. It needs to be EQ'd a bit better, though, after I listened to it on a couple different pairs of speakers. I also doubled the lead line an octave up in parts.

2. Gave the guitar work a bit of a tape delay so that it trails out for a bit of atmosphere.

3. General mixing stuff

The same link on the first post will be good.


Updated 1/14/12

I did a bit more with the lead line to give it more 'feeling'. Still need to fill things up a bit more and refine things before I move on to the Underworld section.

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If the Pillows did video game remixes, this would sound pretty close to what they'd do. I have a huge migraine right now (unrelated) so I'll save any critiques for later.

You know, I never thought about it but I can see the resemblance. :) I still need to work on making the lead line feel a bit more expressive in spots but I have a few ideas for that.

***UPDATED 1/16/12***

More refining and filling in sparse areas in the Overworld section.

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