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Katawa Shoujo is out. Needs OC Remixes badly!

Tye The Czar

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Katawa Shoujo has been out for a few weeks, and, whether you think Visual Novels count as games or not, has an exceptional soundtrack.

A few standout examples:

Parity(Act 1 version) -

Parity(Full Release version) -

The Student Council -

To Become One -

Out of the Loop -

It's already gained a huge amount of popularity on the interwebs, so I suppose this would be the perfect opportunity for OCRemix to gain some more fans for remixing these tunes.

I'm fine with any kind of genre remix, but fast-paced chiptunes for songs like Parity and The Student Council a la Megaman would just plain rock.

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Sorry mate compared with the 2012 version of the track this is a demake.

I concur that the soundtrack is great, it's probably what accounts for a lot of the game's affect (although people don't necessarily realize this). Although not sure if OCR admins would consider it a game considering how oldschool things tend to be around here. In the meantime YNBF is posting some decent stuff.

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