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OCR02597 - *YES* Lightening Force 'Not Another Full Metal Squad!'

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Your ReMixer name: BONKERS

Your real name: Nicholas Steven Perry

Your website:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1310105117

Your userid:31818

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged: Thunder Force IV, Phantasy Star Online, Castlevania Bloodlines

Name of arrangement: Not Another Metal Squad!(N-A-FM-S)

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Metal Squad, Can still see the light, Requiem For The Nameless Victim.

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc:

I'll be short with this one as my intentions are simple.

I've never heard an arrangement of Metal Squad that did the Heavy original justice!

Official arrangements always had the guitar played an octave up and made the song seem more like an 80's Rock song rather than a heavy Metal rock fest.

I've always wanted to do this song justice! But up until recently I never believed I possessed the skill to make a worthy version! Come Christmas Eve I decdied "fuck it, i'm gonna make this song in a week for MAGFest X! and make it with FM Synth+Moog Bass! It's gonna be a heavy Metal FM tribute!"

So I did.

However, I did turmoil with the song structure. The way the original song is done , I find to be so perfect and it has a great feeling to the whole thing.

I didn't want to change that too much, but I still wanted to find my middle ground as always.

I found that by changing up the end of the first chorus and the second intro into variations/harmonized/new lines it helped keep the feeling of the original structure of the piece while striking some middle ground. And then there is the break down sections which are all love love love tributes to the Sega Genesis's FM sound. It started as just the one section of the first verse into it. But then I found Requiem of a nameless victim would be PERFECT to add into it without dragging Metal squad on too long. But then I also had before remembered a melody that went perfect with the section.

BUT I COULDN'T REMEMBER WHAT GAME IT WAS FROM. So I sat and sat thinking of what it was and then it hit me it was Phantasy Star Online. So I found which song and poof there it was! and it was only a key a Half step away from what I remembered.

I tried to play all the guitar lines as physically possible without cheating. As you'll see in the intro, I just couldn't do that part accurately/fast enough. I could play it perfectly @ 75% speed but my picking hand just can't keep up. I'm a little ashamed of that haha.

I also did something I've never done before. Both on purpose and as an experiment, I programmed the bass with a FM patch from the DX7 layered on a sub bass sound from a Minimoog.

I think the result is REALLY FREAKIN COOL.

I can't state how much I LOOOOVE Moog and FM Synth basses.

I really wanted to try something different rather than an electric bass to stay true to Metal Squad's FM roots!

I hope you guys enjoy this! I had a blast creating it! The last day I worked on it for nearly 24hours straight to finish it!


Also, i'd like the game to listed under "Thunder Force IV" if it is accepted!

Link to the original soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yhi_bK1bH4U


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This is a really nice blend of source tracks from verybdiffent games and composers working well as a unified whole.

The drums seem a little single-velocity, but i am definitely feeling the energy present. Little bit of intonation issue on the lead guitar bend right before the breakdown, but it's close enough. I think there should be a little bit of additional backing part in the beginning of requiem- it feels better when the rhythm guitars come in, but its a bit empty for the first iteration.

Overall, strong stuff. Nice work!


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Very solid concept that's well-executed, it's clear you went the extra mile to make this "not just another metal mix" ;-) All of the little instruments and synths that are added around the traditional metal template help make this stand out amongst the dense forest of metal mixes that are out there.

No qualms here, I like this a lot!


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man, your production quality has come a long way in the last year or so, noticibly improved even from your FF1 tracks. as the others have pointed out, this is a solid mix. sources are blended together naturally with good transitions, the playing is tight and the mixing overall is pretty clean. really liked the guitar/synth interplay around 2:00, awesome stuff. the slow bit starting around 3:00 felt a bit sparse, or a little less inspired than the rest of the track. that's remedied at 3:47, and the rest of the track is jammin. nice work here man.


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