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Dat Angry Sons Debut


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So most "nerdcore" (as far as games go) either takes the perspective of the main character and/or other good guys, a third persons perspective about the game itself, or just gaming in general.

We tend to take the villians perspective, or some overlooked enemies that you might not really think about. These characters are sick of getting overlooked.

They are angry.

We are the Angry Sons

We don't pull any punches, thus some parental fucking discretion is advised.

Also, personally, we'd like to elevate the lyrical levels of nerdcore in general. We're nerds, but we were strictly into the underground hip-hop scene, and all that came with it (not just rap). Games naturally crept into our hip hop. I feel like a lot of these artists are on the opposite end - trying to throw some hip hop into their games, and as such the art suffers a bit.

Anyway, if you didn't already click the link you can check out our 2 promo tracks at angrysons.net. Honest opinions are welcome.

It's just the beginning.

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I think a lot of really good stuff gets overlooked in the "Post your Originals" forums, I know I at least rarely look through it. Anyway, your sig made me curious as to what the "Angry Sons" were and after I already commented on your OoT thread, I looked this up and found there was a thread for it...

Anyway, yeah I just wanted to say how awesome this is. Particularly Mega Man Killers (since I get all the references). The integration of several 8-bit Mega Man tunes was really well done and the lyrics are absolutely amazing. From a quality standpoint, they are top-notch (some other nerdcore I've heard has some pretty questionable quality vocals), and the lyrics themselves are genius. Very clever and funny as hell. I like how you spanned various games in the MM universe too.

Great work, I'll be interested to hear what else you come up with!

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Glad your feelin it so far, we have a ton of good ideas in the works so stay tuned, you won't be disappointed! Part of the hilarity is how hard we diss the main characters, while all the references still show how much we are fans. Most of our tracks will be like that ;)

I made the thread before reading that you can actually start the thread in General Discussion before having it moved here. I think I might contact a mod to see if they can move it to Gen Disc for a while.

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Yeah I bet you'd get a lot more exposure having in the General Disc forum, since this is sort of an album preview. Maybe even post each of the tracks in the Workshop forums, since you sampled the 8-bit tunes they could be considered "remixes" too.

Anyway, yeah awesome stuff. Upon a few more listens I realized how well done the vocal layering is. Great job there! Also I was curious, could you post the lyrics somewhere? I understood most of the stuff, but I was wondering who the two characters were in Mega Man Killas. I couldn't quite tell what they were saying when they did their introductions.

Props on the Angry Sons angry sun logo. It's slick. Does that mean there is going to be a Mario track in there sometime? :-D

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...Also I was curious, could you post the lyrics somewhere?...

Sure, I'll get some lyrics up on the site probably tomorrow. And you know we gotta touch some Mario. Oddly we don't have that track planned yet though...

Vox are solid - we should collab some time!

it's really sweet - good angle on the villain's perspective.

Lyrically or musically? It'll probably be a while before enough stuff is off the plate for that, but it's definitely something I/we are interested in. You got some great stuff on your SoundCloud there.

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