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Steep Hill, Animal Crossing


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Only midi for now: http://www.mediafire.com/?5lfdypyj8z335cp


So I kind of hit a wall on this one. It's more of an arrangement than a remix... the original melody's so good, I can't think of anything more to do with it, except add lyrics and sing it. Maaaybe fiddle around with the interlude a little more? I was going for a kind of

style, but that could change.

What would you do, composition-wise, if you wanted to pass the panel with this?

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I like the MIDI interpretation composition wise - however the choir/vox sample that mainly compromises the lead would not sound good with "realistic" choir samples as it'd sound very fakie and well...it's pretty awkward to sing AHH's in 1/4 or 1/8 notes as they are generally sustained longer.

If you replaced the choir with brass and layered said brass with another instrument then that'd probably work. (That's just one sample example to replace the Ahh choir). Moreover, you may want to consider adding in a slow beat, or to compliment your acoustic guitar-rhythm with other rythmic variations and instruments. Over all, I'd say this is a pretty nice first rough draft, but there are many things to consider changing (or adding) if you want to render this track into something realistic sounding.

I'm not the best source for feedback in that latter regard, and it's somewhat depressing that no one else took the time to help you here - so I'd suggest 'harassing' workshop people via pm's to get help =p

Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions!

The choir bit will definitely be changed when I start producing it. Either it'll be replaced by a singer, or some other instrument. Not sure if brass will work, 'cos it kind of clashed with the trumpet already in there when I tried it out... but with some panning and EQ, it might sound good.

For now, I threw in a second guitar and a little trumpet bit in the interlude.


Later, the main guitar will have a few tweaks, triplets or something interesting, where it'll fit. I think I might add in some more drums as well—at least some cymbals and timpani.

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