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Electronic Metal. Need some Production review..

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Hi! Still instrumental, still some play issues present, but overall complete. I strongly need pro/semi-pro review.


I know lot of things may change, after vocals addition.

My main complain is muddiness, caused by cymbals.

Is it really annoying and destructive or it's just my ears or bad mood.

Pleas tell me your thoughts! What else did you noticed(aside of playing issues). Lot of thanks to YOU!!

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Alright, let's see what I can pick apart.

Basically, overhead (cymbals in general) is too loud, especially the crash cymbal. Bring 'em down a bit and there'll be less muddiness. Also, HiHats (and the ride cymbal?) didn't seem to be panned in any direction, so I'd suggest to use the stereo space you have and pan 'em in a logical manner (how a real drumset would be positioned).

For personal tastes, I'd pump up the rhythm guitars volume a little bit. And while the snare can be heard quite well, I'd boost it from the mid-low section a little bit to give it some more character and possibly have some mild reverb tacked onto it.

With that I think it would be all set for vocals. Nice work!

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