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Parasite Eve: The Selfish Gene - collaboration requested :3


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This is actually an older remix of mine, roughly about 2 years now I think. Hitherto, I hadn't really thrown it on the WIP forum. Unless I had a different thread with a totally different name...to which I apologize if that is the case.

-*ahem*- anyways, this is a remix of the track: Kyrie, Parasite Eve 1.

Source tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9YlshCRwxM

Remix: http://www.mediafire.com/?7dq85m3ickagz5o

As the title suggests, I'm looking for a collaboration with someone who has a real mean sound library and a working knowledge of orchestral percussion :3 (never was my strong suit) - I'm also painfully aware that I need an opera/choiral synth to replace the awful Irana Brochin SF that I have in there presently.

Anyways, if you guys want to give feedback on the compositional element of my remix, feel free to give your 2 cents. Thanks all for your time and consideration ^^

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Let me see in a bit after I hammer out the end of my current WIP into something that resembles mod-reviewable. I know, I know, what a tease. But I don't want two projects going at the same time and I want to (someday) finish and submit something.:tomatoface: Was going to work on it tomorrow, but I have to work on my day off now, so that sucks.

Mmhokay, crits.

I want the piano fattened up, for sure. And it could use a bass part. On that note...

The only bass sounds I hear are low organ. I'd like to hear a nice fat bass choir part so it's not so static.

Brass. I know I'm crazy, but I want some brass in this. If you're going orchestral, be crazy with it.

The strings are kinda weak and I only hear them in about one place? Along with the brass, some string work could really be something special. I love that full orchestra sound :tomatoface:

The only thing filling space in some places is the organ (actually now that I listen, the strings are there, just soft) -still though- leaving the overall sound empty. I'd have to hear it with a different piano to be sure, but I think it could use something to keep it interesting throughout.

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Glad to see some love for Parasite Eve around these parts. :)

Kyrie is undoubtely one of the hardest song to remix in the entire soundtrack.

The melodic content is sparse since slow strings and operatic vowels carry all the emotion.

Hewhoisiam already gave you some great feedback, so I'm just gonna add a few things.

Mostly, the piece could really benefit from the inclusion of some percussive elements.

And not necessarily in a traditional orchestral fashion but in a modern/cinematic way.

There are some interesting ideas in this remix, but it's essentially still too monotonic atm.

Adding up instruments as suggested will go a long way to reinforce the bulk of the soundscape.

Some subtle background ambient sound effects would also give the overall sound a little more depth.

Samples can always be replaced later, but I do feel the arrangement itself could be expanded and fleshed out.

It's a promising start. Good luck with this one.

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Well, I do like the feedbacks here, but what I really need is someone who has access to E/W or Kontakt or something...2 reasons why:

1) my PC only has 2 gigs of ram and can't handle too many high-end VST's

2) I don't have nearly enough funds to afford the big hitters q.q

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