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finished 'Man Still Remains' - A film featuring voice work from some OCR members

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Hey everyone! You may remember sometime ago I posted this thread ( looking for people to record short lines for a film I was working on.

Well, finally, here's the finished film

Many thanks to all those of you that sent in recordings, I've tried to use all of you, if you've been used you have been credited as an additional voice in the first scene (many apologies to anyone that sent in a recording that wasn't used, and also apologies to those of you that showed interest but never heard back from me...)

So the film: 'Set in the aftermath of a major crisis that left the world almost uninhabitable, Man Still Remains follows one man, confined to life wearing a gas mask, as he scavenges his way through survival finding ways to cope and cling to sanity.'

It was created by just three of us, Myself (Music for the second half of the film, and sound recording/sound post-production), Matt Cochrane (camera work, visual editting and visual effects) and Liam Grindell (additional camera work, music for the first half of the film, and sound recording/sound post-production) all on a budget of just £80.

If anyone's interested we can be found on twitter @hd1films, and hopefully the full soundtrack should be available for free very soon!

Hope you like it, and if you do we'd be very grateful to any of you that like it enough to share it (shameless self promotion i know)

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