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finished Ra's Judgment (Ethnic Fusion Mix)

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Ra's Judgment (Ethnic Fusion Mix)

This will be available with its full music album sometime before May 16! In the meantime, please tell me what you think!

Comments I wrote in the ID3 tags:

"This is my favorite song thus far on this album. It was inspired partially by zircon's new songs 'Devil's Spirit' and 'Shadows'.

A lot of plugin instances were used; in fact, there were 19! 7 of Zebra, 7 of Massive, 1 of Harmless, 2 of FM8, and 2 of Safwan Matni's "Oud".

The drum samples were gathered from Breakbeat Paradise and FL's factory drums. Big thanks to zircon's drum layering tutorial, because these drums are insanely epic.

The aim of this song was to go for an ethnic, Egyptian sort of feel, combined with epic atmospheric pads, breaks, and glitch effects. I really liked how this turned out. :D

- Timaeus"

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