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Recommendations for cinematic, fast, African chase music?

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For lack of a better term I can come up with. I have a track to finish up, I'm not used to the genre its in and I'm having trouble actually finding a lot of examples, either cinematically or in album music that sound like this, and what few examples I do find are usually pretty bare - just the beat itself and almost no accompaniment. I want to add a lot of atmospherics and electronic chords, SFX and melodies to it.

I can post my WIP if anyone wants it, I just wanted this to be a recommended music topic like others here instead of a Workshop topic.

Thank you!

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I actually have a pretty decent beat/groove going on for it already, it's what kind of music I can do on top of it that I'm having trouble with.

Closest example I can find is this from one of my favorite CDs of all time:

. Problem is, the mood of this piece is almost completely different than what I want while still having a lot of the instruments in there.

I don't know, I was just looking for more examples of Fast Tribal music that wasn't like a gimmick track where it's there just so the composer can show off. Those are usually pretty minimalistic and I'm trying to do a full-figured track.

Also, if this is coming off strange, it's because I accidentally took some Tylenol PM at work and I'm still not all together yet.

Edit: Yeah, Psycho Wolf, thats kinda what I'm looking for. Nice find.

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This is what comes to mind although it doesn't really develop until about 3 minutes in. If you download the full soundtrack (which is free) for Splinter Cell: Double Agent, the Kinshasa level has a fight theme that might be faster paced than the infiltration theme.

I would definitely like to see your WIP.

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This is the WIP: http://tindeck.com/listen/wtiu

It started out as a remix for the SD3 project for "Left Handed Wolf" but I never got much further with it. I want to keep the string stabs but lose the horns and some of the more cinematic elements to it for an electronic and (slightly) spacey/ambient thing.

So I'm basically looking for more stuff that sounds kinda like this if at all possible. I want to really develop this into something neat.

Thank you for the suggestions so far!

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Sorry for the double post, but I just realized the irony of me helping you with that track... I actually was working on Left Handed Wolf for the SD3 project myself a long time ago, but had to drop it because of life/computer issues. Looks like I got to contribute after all.

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