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  1. mine originated on from the second place i signed up to. the metal gear solid forums. so of course i went with my 2 favourite bossbattles psycho mantis and sniper wolf. before that and in most other places im known as killer2099 which originated from 2 things. 1: my utter lack of imagination when coming up with ps3 online names and thinking of what other words start with k aside from karl. 2: i was at the time collecting the spiderman 2099 comics so i knew thats where id get the numbers from.
  2. What can i say, its pure RoB goodness that ive come to expect from him since meeting him like idk what a year ago or something on fb. he's a pure joy to listen to, this guy has got class out the wazzoo and its about time he got on here. Well done RoB
  3. Too many to count. The medley that plays during the fight with liquid ocelot in mgs4 is one that stands out.
  4. YES! thank the lord for someone who cares about sam's work, despite his own view on his work, his work IS inspiring to both hear and see. i personally wish him well with his stuff and hope for his fiery return with a vengeance.
  5. dude its dream theater, expect this kinda stuff from them. they love to just play music. they like to mess around with how music is made. weird drum patterns, weird chords, long ass songs that go on for up to 40 minutes long, ending one album with the same note the next album opens on. tell me what in there makes sense to you? its why i love em, they're bloody crazy.
  6. look guys im a bigger conspiracy theorist than all of you but conspiracies don't help the situation now do they. focus at the problem at hand which is making sure those bribed officials dont get a say on your internet. isn't that what your second amendment for guns is for? that if the government gets corrupt you are within your right to kick em up the arse and say no, bad government. ive heard many a time americans fight for their right to the second amendment and the right to free speech (which i believe is why you wanted freedom in the first place) well the first 2 amendments aren't there to bully your neighboor they are there incase your government is corrupted and starts doing things against your will. im not saying go out shoot people, im saying go out and defend your freedom. (the right to bear arms doesn't mean just weapons. it works in tandem with the first amendment the freedom of speech, because words cut deeper than any sword.) words will always retain their power.
  7. so once again the issue of net neutrality is at threat in america atm http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/11/10/obama-to-the-fcc-adopt-the-strongest-possible-rules-on-net-neutrality-including-title-ii/ so i gotta admit its pretty cool the prez wants the net to stay free but unfortunately i know there was a vote about a week or so ago for you americans and from the average of what i know of the views of the american population hate obama, so im guessing alot who did vote voted against him? idk much about the way politics work there. either way ive been informed that the guy that has control of whether net neutrality happens is in the fcc was either a previously at a cable company or was paid off by one. all i wanted to do was reinforce the idea for you guys that we need to fight for net neutrality AGAIN. for those of you who are american to contact your state politicians and vote yes for net neutrality. and do your best to be MORE informed than i am. edit: and because he wants it to become a utility if we win this time, it'l be the last fight we do. net neutrality will be here to stay and you won't have to fight for it again Companies won't be able to unfairly price you either, since it'll be regulated and equal for everyone
  8. ok, sure there is that possibility BUT she has also stated to love video games since she was little, if thats the case then this video shouldn't exist. with anita there is too many inconsistancies like for example we know she borrowed video from other youtube videos we've established that the quality of her videos do not equate to the amount of funding she got via kickstarter to make them. which just leaves you with alot of open ended questions about her. and to me that just is not trust worthy material, regardless of the fact she is fighting a battle i side with her on. to have her as the figurehead of feminism in gaming when her character leaves alot of questions about her is worrying to me.
  9. ...not really, i mean aside the classical (spanish) guitar in both i hear no real similarities. maybe im going mad though, who knows.
  10. My god are you lot STILL going on about this shit? Its all bullshit.
  11. http://blogjob.com/oneangrygamer/2014/10/gamergate-nowhere-on-my-site-does-it-say-we-are-journalists-says-destructoid-owner/ literally appeared on my newsfeed a day later. someone is watching this place and taking our advice i swear.
  12. When it comes to games I don't particularly care about people's personal political views. So... id actually agree with brandon this once. its why I stopped reading kotaku long ago, why I stopped reading things by leigh alexander, why I don't watch anita. In my view its down to the consumer to get rid of sexism. I don't want to feel guilty for enjoying a medium. I mean look at it this way. derek and the dominos made the song layla, turns out the piano player killed his mother by strangling her. does me loving this song make me agree with him killing his mother? No I again bring this up because that is how the modern feminist movement has been framing the situation and its not that simple. why can't people just get along and enjoy life? EDIT: it was the drummer jim gorden
  13. i think this is where the problem lies, from what ive seen the main one is the stupid feminism articles that have been plaguing kotaku and other gaming sites rom the past few years where the entire focus should be gaming, not bringing political views into the equation. http://kotaku.com/5910857/straight-white-male-the-lowest-difficulty-setting-there-is the thing is the main ones that people are unhappy about is articles like this and stuff like this: http://kotaku.com/we-might-be-witnessing-the-death-of-an-identity-1628203079 this is what they mean by corruption because its basically a corruption of gaming journalism from news about our favourite hobby to political views, sponsors causing impartial reviews on games. it was a noble cause, but why did it begin when quinn had an affair and got her dirty laundry thrown into the public eye? idk maybe it was originally a public hunt against her because of a group of people hated her because of past indiscretions (idk whether she stole money from that gamejam thing and i don't partcularly care) if they truly cared this gamergate situation should have begun 7 years ago as bardic said. which brings up the idea that this was actually a set up to make the public rise up against the feminist movement that began with anita. i mean look who are the major leaders of the gamergate side. thunderf00t, a known anti-feminist. internetaristocrat: a guy known for publicly humiliating tumblr sjw's adam baldwin; He now considers himself a "small government conservative libertarian". and from what i know of mundanematt he has personal issues regarding zoe quinn from what i know. so what am i getting at? gamergate as a movement was corrupt from the beginning and those still backing it should leave while they still have their dignity.
  14. have you not heard of doritogate? http://kotaku.com/5957810/the-contemptible-games-journalist-why-so-many-people-dont-trust-the-gaming-press-and-why-theyre-sometimes-wrong kotaku themselves explain why. i shall leave that information to you. all of the information needed for what people want to stop in gaming journalism "It involves 1) criticism of GTTV host Geoff Keighley doing interviews while seated between bags of Doritos and bottles of Mountain Dew that were wrapped with ads for Halo 4, 2) a Eurogamer column by Robert "Rab" Florence about that, the occurrence of British games journalists at an awards show making promotional Tweets for a game in hopes of winning a free PlayStation 3, 3) an apparent legal threat by journalist Lauren Wainwright and/or her editors that compelled Eurogamer to remove a reference to her in the piece that quoted a Tweet in which she seemed to deem the contest as not that big a deal, 4) the removal of which quote from the article compelled Florence to quit, 5) the listing, since deleted, on Wainwright's resume, of having done work for Square Enix, a publisher whose games she's covered, and 6) from there, an avalanche of complaints and suspicion about the coziness of the gaming press with the public relations wing of the companies whose games they cover." as well as the guy that got fired for giving a bad review of kain and lynch who were one of the websites sponsors there ya go buddy.
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