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Rao's Theme Remix

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I'm pretty sure that's the free erhu from Kong Audio right?

Try messing around with the different articulations a bit more for the erhu. If you chose to go with such an exotic choice for your lead I think it should sound more erhu-like in phrasing.

Listen to how he glisses down instead of holding a note with vibrato.

Unless, i'm way off and that's not what you were trying to do. Either way though, it's a bit too mechanical to maintain the listener's interest.

Good luck!

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Actually I wasn't planning on using this Erhu at all, I was just using it as a temporary violin. However...I actually tried changing it to a violin for the short demo I posted here and it didn't work out...

Most likely I will end up settling for the Erhu and I probably would just tweak it a little. So thank you for mentioning that...now I'm definitely gonna take advantage of classic Erhu techniques for the better!

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I like how you gave your own spin to Rao's theme, I love the piano parts, and how you made it a bit more upbeat.

However..... (in come the minus points and suggestions, takes deep breath)

1) There wasn't much volume control in most of the instruments. The instrument layering determined how loud or soft a certain part of the piece was. I used to make that mistake before...... The parts need to sound a bit more human. Right now, some parts sound very, very MIDI-ish.

2) Considering you made this theme sound sultry..... I do suggest one thing: Start at the original tempo (as in Okami), with the piano, build up and then... BAM! In comes the upbeat Rao's theme! That's probably a good way to express who Rao is: she comes in and seduces Issun and wins Ammy's trust, and then.... she reveals her true colours.

3) I'm getting a mixed feeling from this. Some parts sound very seductive. I quite like them. Some parts, on the other hand, sound almost like they could be played in an office setting.........

The main thing that gashed it for me is the lack of expression. Dynamics, volume control. Build up on that, and you'll make the piece far better than before.

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