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    I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger living in Hatfield, Hertfordshire who is in law school but yearns to be a musician. You may also recognise me as one of the administrators of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki (as TroisNyxEtienne).

    Whether or not this yearning is going to be satisfied..... is another story. :'(

    ......I'm just small. Very small. Everyone else is just higher up than I am.

    Any help or feedback towards my works is welcome.
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  1. It's been a while, OCR. It has been a while. I've been beaten down by many, but that hasn't stopped me from trying. This is my latest attempt at a video game cover of any kind: a French version of the Ballad of the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening. That voice is mine, as are the lyrics and music. Now have at that song, for I've done all I could. EDIT: TITLE IS BALLAD OF THE WIND FISH, I don't know how that stray N got in.
  2. Even mouse-clicks with a soundfont or FL Keys, if properly done, can be put to good use.
  3. I'm glad you loved it so. Thank you! By the way, I'm almost done with the montage; I need to assemble it. Can't wait for the video responding time!
  4. Thank you. Actually, a lot of stuff has been panned to the left because I was actually copying, to the T, the arrangement in an orchestra. We had the bells (left), the harp and piano (left again), the violins and violas (left)... Only the bassoon, celli and basses were right. I might've not done it right, and I would really like some guidance.
  5. Yes. This is my estimate for the time I took, give or take. Exporting took longer, because of the instrument banks I used. I'm actually wondering right now at how I made this in such a short time, but I know I wanted to get it done quickly so that I could finish the montage for YouTube (with quotes from SPM) and then post it as a video response to Chuggaa's vid. Practically the entire set-up for this one was several copies of Fruity Soundfont Player. There's an orchestral SF which I share with Phyrnna (HalcyonicFalconX), the writer of the soundtrack to the Epic Battle Fantasy games. It's calle
  6. Remix: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/492839 Source: This remix was prompted by , and in it, he brought our attention to the Overthere Shrine theme, saying that this theme deserved remixes, orchestral arrangements....... Because I was moved by how beautiful the song was, and the context in which it played, I decided to make this remix. And so I sat down to FL 10 and finished this in about half an hour. I was influenced by-- Grambi's sadness upon losing Luvbi. My own sadness upon finding out about how my father and some of my friends had lost their ways. The awe and won
  7. As a pianist and a Kingdom Hearts fan... 1) The intro and much of the piece feels insanely heavy, what with a lot of chords on the lower register...... Broken chords/arpeggiations to the rescue please! 2) Did you ever let go of the damper pedal at all????? -__- 3) 1:49 picked up the piece quite a bit. The chords got largely better. 4) On the subject of chords...... Your chords at the beginning of the melody, after the intro (Donna toki datte...) sounded off. There were chords in later parts which actually did sound off too. 5) 2:29: Melody and bass line in consecutive octaves........ Really bi
  8. I like how you gave your own spin to Rao's theme, I love the piano parts, and how you made it a bit more upbeat. However..... (in come the minus points and suggestions, takes deep breath) 1) There wasn't much volume control in most of the instruments. The instrument layering determined how loud or soft a certain part of the piece was. I used to make that mistake before...... The parts need to sound a bit more human. Right now, some parts sound very, very MIDI-ish. 2) Considering you made this theme sound sultry..... I do suggest one thing: Start at the original tempo (as in Okami), with the pi
  9. I'm making this review in my capacity as a classical/jazz/piano afficionado. Beautiful piano playing there; if there's one part that struck me, it's 1:52 onwards. But comparing that with the source melody.... I found it difficult to actually connect the remix to the source. The broken chords/arpeggios are beautiful, granted, but there are a lot of them (I can safely say too many), and they do distract me from hearing the melody. I mean, the piece even began like that! What I would suggest is introduce with the broken chords... make the melody audible in the first section or two, and then, when
  10. Probably the most peaceful/cheery version of Green Hill I've ever heard to date. And... I have a soft spot for good orchestrations. Somebody should turn this into a field theme or credits theme or something! I admire your chord work in this piece. I really do. Sometimes, the chords are enough to tell that it's Green Hill. There's a decent amount of variation, which I enjoy. My favourite parts are all the places where the celesta comes in. Respect.
  11. I'm quite impressed! Some parts of the remix actually put a huge smile. There's..... nothing I can point out that needs improvement.
  12. I'm not a master in mixing, but for some reason, I hear a lot of things at the centre. Not sure whether you did it or not, but that's just what I'm picking up. I can't really say. Sounds fine to me. It wasn't overpowering, the chords were well heard, and the guitar melody line stood out, which is a good thing. For some reason, I find the way you resolve to the C chord in the first bit of the melody very, very awkward. Also, there's a section towards 3:00 where the melody and bass line go together in almost consecutive octaves......... Ouch, to say the least. The section in the middle where
  13. A few things to note: I like the general light-heartedness of it all, and I like the pizzicato strings a lot. From 1:13 it gets better. However, from 1:49, the melody line is drowned out by the rest of the instruments. Not sure if that was intended, but it's difficult to pick it out. The slowing down from 2:30 to 2:35 is anti-climactic in a not-very-good way: yes, it's meant to be anti-climactic, but it doesn't sound as if it's been resolved. The percussions are left hanging, and that makes all the other parts sound terribly disjointed, I find. Also, I found the lower percussions a bit overpow
  14. I have to agree with the person before me that the drums aren't the best. I do love the lead synth, and I really like the fact that you're pretty accurate in recreating this song. I do enjoy your solo a lot, it gives it a personal spin — but other than that, there isn't much that defines "you". Some extra chords perhaps? A little bit of breaking the tune apart and/or variation? Also, I find the ending very abrupt. The synth should be left to decay naturally, rather than just having it cut off. You can do that by just dragging the last pattern(s) by a few beats or even a bar. Build up on what's
  15. Naminé? I'll try that the next time. Part of the reason as to why there's a lot of Kairi and a bit less of the other two was because at the time I played this (a year or two before sequencing this), I wanted to make it clear that Naminé and Xion are linked to Kairi, and the story should end where it all began.
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