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Red Dead Redemption - Far Away (rock/country-ish cover)


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I entered this one in the last Dwelling of Duels competition and didn't score too well. I think I really need to redo the vocals (or find a better vocalist maybe?) Also, I may need to re-record the classical guitar part because some strange pops crept into the recording from some unknown technical issue... Anyhoo, here it is, let me know what y'all think!


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Yo Mark! :D I don't usually check this forum but in your case I made an exception.

Love the idea behind this track, but I think there are a few things that need fixing.

1. EQ on the drums. Your room mics are nice and loud which works well for the style but you got too much low-mid mud going on that masks the tone of the drums. Try cutting at 200hz and 500hz. This should also help clean up the bass since it gets lost in the boomyness of the drum room.

2. Vocals sound good, but I'd tune them a bit since they do go a bit pitchy at times. Also I don't know if your choruses and unisons are intentionally offtime, but I'd try to tighten that up a little, just personal taste there.

3. Too much clipping in the guitars during the solo.

4. Vocal mix gets a little lost when the entire band is playing. Maybe some automation or compression to bring that stuff out?

Great song, man. <3 u

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