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  1. Hey everyone! I should let you know that Zero-Gen is my new video game cover band. A few of the songs that we've been doing are based on some of my old covers. This one, for example, is based on my song "Cyanide" (which is on OCRemix). Had a bit of an issue earlier when someone was accusing us of ripping me off, so I thought I'd clear that up pre-emptively
  2. I entered this one in the last Dwelling of Duels competition and didn't score too well. I think I really need to redo the vocals (or find a better vocalist maybe?) Also, I may need to re-record the classical guitar part because some strange pops crept into the recording from some unknown technical issue... Anyhoo, here it is, let me know what y'all think! http://abstract-productions.net/music/rdr_far_away.mp3
  3. In case anyone's interested, last year I remade this song with a somewhat different arrangement. I took out the whole asian intro section and expanded the metal part, and redid it from scratch with much improved production values. Y'all can check it out here: http://abstract-productions.net/music/cyanide_od.mp3
  4. Sorry, I was going to contact you about it when I had most of the instrumentals down so you'd have a better idea what to put in, and I haven't touched the song for a couple of weeks now. But for now, I have the first couple of minutes available on the private WIP forum. EDIT: Sorry, I assumed that you had heard the WIP's already.
  5. It seems the Summoning of Spirits site is down again?
  6. I've got 5 gigabytes of old project files that I'm most likely not going to touch again but I'm keeping anyways, just in case...
  7. I'm getting a database error on the forum. (phpbb error. Could not connect to database)
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