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Hip Hop Track

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i feel like the bass is way too light for a hiphop track. other than that its just about right, im the kind of producer that lives by the philosophy that you can never have "too much" filtering so id throw some extra reverb on the brass and some flange on the snare or something but, thats just me. just buff that bass up by like +4 in the lows, and get it a little "louder" and "full" in general and itd be even better

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Yeah I noticed that too, so that was something I worked on. I don't have the best speakers or headphones to work with so I don't know how much louder the bass can be to be pleasing without overbearing. I actually finished the track:


what ive learned to be the rule of thumb is have your kick/main percussion at -2db and your bass at -4db, can be higher to taste but thats where i always start it at when im doing the mixdown. ill edit this post when i get home to my good headphones so i can listen to your track :nicework:

edit: yup that feels about right, heavy kick :)

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