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Count Bleck Potential Resub


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It's been a little over a year since I first posted this and haven't been inspired enough until now to remaster and mix this track down again. Short of re-recording the whole thing I started with some old tracks and recorded some new ones then restarted the mixing from scratch. Let me know if you guys think this will pass the board this time.

I still think there might be some minor issues to work out in the mix so any and all help will be appreciated.

Now I Am Become Bleck

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Sounds great to me, though I am not a judge. Only a couple of minor potential issues stick out to me:

1. 1:39-1:48: timing issues... guitar is rushing

2. 1:49-End: I feel like the dynamics don't change much here. You have some interesting chord changes, the clav enters for a bit, the guitars rest for a few seconds here and there while the drums fill in... but over all it feels kind of like a "wall of sound." The longer that shredding goes on without a rest (or an instrument change like in the first half of the song), the more it loses its oomph.

Some things I really liked:

1. Nice panning with the guitars.

2. Speaking of guitars, the writing and playing are awesome.

I really like this over all. I think you've got something workable here that could pass once you address all of the judge's concerns, whatever they may have been. Sorry, it's too good for me to be of much help at this stage. =)

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Along with the excellent advice already mentioned, I think the main thing for me is the lack of dynamic range. Everything seems much too compressed and there's a noticeable amount of clipping going on.

I certainly think you've got something good here, it just needs some small changes.

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