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  1. Just subbed this. We'll see how it goes. Available for download now on sound cloud. https://soundcloud.com/treydieterich/toadally-tubular
  2. It's been a little over a year since I first posted this and haven't been inspired enough until now to remaster and mix this track down again. Short of re-recording the whole thing I started with some old tracks and recorded some new ones then restarted the mixing from scratch. Let me know if you guys think this will pass the board this time. I still think there might be some minor issues to work out in the mix so any and all help will be appreciated. Now I Am Become Bleck
  3. My remake of the credits fanfare. I believe my samples are more realistic; mixing and mastering may be quieter. http://soundcloud.com/treydieterich/ki-credits-original-vs-trey As far as remixing goes, I just added more drums. The rest is technically a cover.
  4. http://soundcloud.com/treydieterich/super-fighter-guy Most people on OCR love 8bit tracks so.... I made this for shiggles.
  5. Remember that guy Tusk from the Killer Instinct 2/Gold game? Well I based this song on him. Check it out. http://soundcloud.com/treydieterich/heroic-warrior-tusk BTW, If you don't listen to it, leave a comment why you don't want to go to soundcloud to listen. I notice that I get around 80 views on OCR but only 5-10 plays. I'm curious why that is. -Trey
  6. I almost forgot I used some really cool musical monkey screaches and oo oo oo samples in this song too!
  7. Trying out some storm drum 2 samples and word builder with the symphonic choirs too. http://soundcloud.com/treydieterich/amazonian-exhibition-maya I feel like the mix might be a little harsh in some places.... But when it comes to that stuff.... ... yeah...
  8. Leave comments. Or don't. Doesn't matter what I say your gonna do what the hell you want anyways. http://soundcloud.com/treydieterich/grungy-orchestral-tripstep
  9. Cover of Chris Tilton's arrangement of the so-called Killer Instinct 3: Main Title theme with Halion Symphonic orchestra in FL Studio 10. Check the description to download this song, the original, and the FLP
  10. Putting the EWQL Symphonic Choirs library that I recently bought to use on a new theme. This is an original written about the character Riptor from KI. http://soundcloud.com/treydieterich/alembic-atrocity
  11. New original song! Check it out. This one I used the comic pictures for the storyline the song is based off of!
  12. There are still a few parts that I would like to change. Some of the string samples came out kind of bad because it wasn't on the highest setting... So I will probably be touching this one up. Thanks for the advice.
  13. The horn samples in particular are hard to make sound completely authentic. As far as humanizing, I played most of the melody and funky parts (aside from some of the arpeggio parts) on my midi controller so it should be fairly humanized. Anything bad that really stands out? Any advice would help.
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