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Super Mario Bros.3 "Dança do encanamento de Marinho"

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Ok. So i envision this to become a dance friendly kind of samba, take the track to it's brazilian roots. This raw first draft is basically just some reharmonizations of the chord progression and some ideas with rhytm and mixing.

What's your opinion about it?

The original.

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Well, as a draft, it is sounding promising, however, there is a lot to work to do and improve.

I agree with Jbetbrice about the unbalanced instruments (and they are very artificials too).

To improve your samba, and create a nice brazilian mood, I recommend to explore more the percussions.

Recommend to use a percussion instrument named cuica, youmay know here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cu%C3%ADca

Another great stuff could be a Cavaquinho solo, you may know that here:


Hope to listen your advances.

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