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Minibosses, Danimal Cannon, and Metroid Metal playing Asheville Comic Expo October 13th


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Check it out.

So last year my beloved Asheville, North Carolina played host to a comic convention (Fanaticon,) and it was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, Fanaticon is no longer, so our local awesome comic shop Comic Envy picked up the slack and organized a new con for this year. It's called the Asheville Comic Expo (ACE,) and will take place October 13th, 11am - 7pm. It should be fun in general, but for all you video game metal fans, ACE has a real treat in the form of some fantastic nerd metal groups;

, friend of the site Danimal Cannon, and (mostly) AVL natives Metroid Metal.

It should be awesome. Come on, OCR! Come to my city and rock! Some of you guys even live relatively nearby. BGC? DJP? You know me. (Sorry.)

Seriously, though, it should be badass.

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Bump for it being this coming weekend. I have to try. Sigh. No love for Asheville or me. :sad:

Seriously, though, I suppose most of you are gearing up for MAGFest, and I can't blame you. Traveling however many hours to go to some rando city to a comic expo to see 3 vg bands is perhaps a bit extravagant. Nonetheless, since I can like never go to MAGFest again, this was kind of a godsend. I will post pics and let you know if these guys continue to rock. My guess? Yes they do.

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