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  1. I LOVE this mix!! It inspires the same joy I felt 18 years ago when I first discovered this site and downloaded First Impressions & Uh Oh! The Beat Have Started to Move!. It's a fresh take on a classic theme and I find it not just nostalgic, but refreshing in my own personal circumstances as the uncertainty I face for the future mirrors what I felt then. I just absolutely love this mix!
  2. Love the remix! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Good on you with the anxiety going away. Prescription drugs do wonders for me, personally. And yes - here's the rest of the playlist (the play counts aren't all accurate after several hard drive switches over the years and varying degrees of success in migrating the iTunes library - also, it's not 100% OCR, but OCR is 100% why I have any of these songs):
  4. Glad y'all like it! OCR's had a special place in my heart since just near about the beginning. It really helped me flesh out my love for ambient/electro music in general but primarily through the lens of remixed VG music. And one thing the quieter stuff does is help me sleep as I have ADHD and chronic anxiety & depression - it helps soothe my mind running at a billion RPM and the melancholy mixes (such as Another Inspiration) resonate and resolve the depressive stuff. This site has really been a foundational and important part of my life going on 20 years now and I'm so grateful for its existence.
  5. Coming Feb 13th! Apparently it is exciting! I am personally excited for it.
  6. From a playlist I made years ago.
  7. Super excited for this! I grew up a Nintendo kid, but still sometimes found ways to play Sonic. Also I've always loved the remixes here from Genesis games. I hope they Sega doesn't pull a Nintendo when it comes to inventory, though...
  8. Came across this on AVClub - it's quick, just like the theme, but pretty well done! F-Zero Big Blue!
  9. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember... I think it was Legendary Wings for the NES. Picked it up at the local flea market in Raleigh. I want to say it was about $4 or so; I must have been 8 or 9. Had never heard of it, only got it because the label art was interesting and I wanted something new. I really enjoyed it! But I must say, my most memorable game pickup was around that time at Rose's (or was it Roses?). My mom said I could get a new game as long as it didn't cost too much. I didn't really recognize any on the peg hangers (how times have changed), but there was this one that caught my eye - Bionic Commando. I don't know that I had ever heard of it; might have read about it in Nintendo Power or some other gaming mag. But I did recognize the publisher logo: CAPCOM. I knew them from Mega Man, the first game I ever rented and played in my own home. In the following weeks I was addicted to Bionic Commando. I even faked being sick to stay home from school and church. My parents found out, though, because one Sunday I put on my routine, I got stuck in one of the areas...the one with the barrier at the beginning and I think you need the rocket launcher to get through. The internet being about 10-11 years away, I called the Nintendo Game Counselors - a few times that morning - and then when the phone bill came in they saw calls on that day to Redmond, WA. The only disciplinary action I can recall is some stern words and maybe a threat to lose NES privileges if I did it again.
  10. I may spring for it just for Intelligent Qube.
  11. That's...aMazing... I'm so, so sorry.
  12. 100% of me wants to do this. 90% of me is sure it's not going to happen. Can 10% of me sign up and worst case scenario not follow through with anything but 100% good intentions?
  13. Rock on! Congrats! It's been cool seeing remixers' careers take off on this site over the years.
  14. This is awful. I've loved his music since I first joined, one of my faves. When I first saw the headline, I was afraid it was another health scare, like what inspired the VARIAtions album a few years back. Glad it's not quite like that, but still...this is devastating. Could only afford $20 at this time. Godspeed on the recovery and rebuild, @bLiNd. @Suguru - thank you for posting this.
  15. AGH! Totally lost track of this... I've also been terrible about posting the subsequent episodes on YouTube...need to get on that. Well, looks like since you asked, I've had on a local actor, another filmmaker, then did a solo Father's Day episode, and on Monday's episode I talk with a guy I met at an event I MC'd who's in the Navy (like I was), who also teaches swing dancing, speaks publicly on suicide prevention (mostly at other military commands), got called out for his laugh at a Pete Holmes show, and a lot of other neato stuff. The podcasts themselves are on iTunes and Stitcher (and cuttingitclosepod.com) but I'll try to get those other vids up by the end of the week. Thanks for your feedback and qwerstions!
  16. OMG...pretty excited for this now.
  17. Every now and then I post stuff... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbvWcTo6JK_Vyos_naU9VfQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBTRhCEW-ZRFuAKFFPEc-w https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNnWD66iuXAddOacAxPiHSA
  18. All I hope is they include "Vampire Killer" in there somewhere.
  19. I LIKE it! Were the story simply about a gaming session I would go for something like this, however something more...uh...something more something happens (sorry, it's late) and so with the original selection of music I'm trying to create some tension as well as some juxtaposition, hoping to ramp up comedic tension.
  20. I don't mean to be uncouth, but this is just goddamn beautiful. I work for public affairs for a joint military agency under the Office of the Secretary of Defense, our mission to recover remains of service members who never made it home from past wars. I've used some remixes in past products, but this is just PERFECT. I'm producing a PSA for National POW/MIA Recognition Day and this mix...my God...once I have the final product done and okay'ed I'll share the link with all who may be interested - and I take extra special care to ensure the remixers and OCR get proper attribution. Dear lord, OCRemix is a treasure and this remix is a gem.
  21. Oh hey - just used Music Credit: Halo: Combat Evolved 'Insurrection' - arranged by Krispyhttp://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01354 in a video commemorating Memorial Day. Seriously - I hope I'm not violating the terms of use or anything...
  22. I didn't play my first game of D&D until I was 24 or so (12 years ago now). Participated with some friends from college, had a lot of fun. As a kid I was raised to believe it was all satanic and evil and that the devil would feast on my soul if I dared touch a D20. But I thought the cartoon looked cool... Anyway, for a couple years there my friends and I engaged in campaigns; played the Star Wars RPG for which I was Game Master, then we just kinda stopped. 3.5 years ago I made some new friends from where I now work in Hawaii and we tried keeping a game going, but then adult responsibilities got in the way and that quickly dissipated, but in February I shot a short film that involves D&D and I'm going to try and edit it next week when I'm on leave. So far all I have is about 20 seconds of ROUGH opening titles... Music by Zircon - purchased his groovy pack and he said it's cool using it for this project.
  23. This. Oh - and hi, I'm Cliff and I'm exceedingly late to this party.
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