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Daniele Liverani "Eleven Mysteries" - A shred album I did bass on

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Some of you already know about this, but I recorded bass for a solo guitar album called "Eleven Mysteries" by an Italian musician named Daniele Liverani. Daniele has worked with tons of other famous rock and metal musicians like Virgil Donati, Mark Boals, Daniel Gildenlow, Russell Allen, Jeff Martin, Philip Bynoe and Johnny Gioeli.

Daniele found me on Youtube and contacted me through Facebook to recruit me onto this album. Lion Music (who has tons of other Progressive Metal acts) didn't have much money to give to Daniele for this release, so he was unable to recruit his usual motley crew of world-class musicians, so he hired younger musicians to work on the album. Marco Zago, the keyboardist, is a couple years younger than I am, and Paco Barilla, the drummer recorded these tracks when he was FIFTEEN. Obviously they're all Italian, BUT BY THE POWERS OF THE INTERNET, I recorded all my parts at home and sent them to him for mixing.

The album has a style very similar to 90's Racer X or Dream Theater, and he mixed it that way too (REVERB YEEEEAAAAHHHH-). I did not do any writing on the album, and stayed fairly conservative to the parts he had pre-written, as I was basically going in blind and had no idea how far away he wanted me to stray from the bass lines, so I played it safe. But any bass-only flashy stuff and fills are things I've added in, and a couple tracks he re-arranged songs around those bass lines.

The album's also been getting a lot of good reviews from many progressive rock & metal review pages. Here's a link list, copied and pasted from a message that Daniele sent me over Facebook, so a lot of these are in other languages.

REVIEWS: 8/10 10/10 4/5 75/100 8.7/10 8.5/10 4/5 Top Album of the month 8/10 4/5 7.5/10 4.5/5"eleven-mysteries" 80/100 7.5/10 76/100 5/5 8/10 8/10 4/5 4/5 and 5/5 9/10 9/10 8/10 84/100 8.5/10 4/5 4.5/6 15/20

Here's a video of us all playing the opening track:

So I got 75 copies of the album, and 15 posters, and they're letting me sell the album! BUT, I'm only allowed to sell the CDs and not digital downloads. Therefore, my Bandcamp page has ~1 minute preview tracks and you can only buy the CD. Then it will try to get you to download the archive of the preview tracks, and I haven't figure out a way to turn that off. - So go ahead and buy if you like it, and the first 15 buyers will get a poster!

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I thought the full track was a little too close to an etude for me to get really invested, but the previews on your bandcamp showed a lot of variety and taste. I definitely am excited to hear this, and I ordered a copy. Sounds like a really solid group!

PS. I wanted to read reviews but they are all in italian. Looks like they dig it though! :-)

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