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    I'm a musician hailing from the town of Louisville, CO. I'm primarily a Bass Guitar player, but I also play a lot of Guitar and dabble in Keyboards and Drums. My primary music is Metal and Funk, but I've been known to venture into many other styles.
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  1. Easily the biggest influence for this track was Dirty Loops. Also, Japanese Fusion bands like T-Square and Casiopea, and other Fusion artists like Alex Argento, Marco Sfogli, Guthrie Govan, The Aristocrats, etc.
  2. Time flies...Apparently today marked the 5th year after I released Contra 4: Rocked 'n' Loaded with SnappleMan. Hopefully at least a decent portion of you know what it is, if not, it's a 13-track metal remix album featuring contributions from myself, SnappleMan, norg, Danimal Cannon, BrainCells, Christian Pacaud, Travis Moberg, Norrin_Radd, Chris Dlugosz, Marc-André Gingras, and of course the mastermind behind the soundtrack, virt! To celebrate I put the whole thing up on Youtube, and you can all get it on my Bandcamp page! https://tonydickinson.bandcamp.com/album/contra-4-rocked-n-loade
  3. Just gotta say, love your sound, keep it up! I especially like your arrangement of the Solstice Title Theme.

  4. ...just not live keys (btw <3 u OA and Stevo and DA and dio) Yes, some of you probably heard about this, and a few of you were there! At MAGfest 11, housethegrate, Ashane, ktriton and myself played some of our old DoD tunes as well as a couple non-DoD favorites (Walk on Water, anybody?) Since we all live apart we had maybe an hour TOTAL of practice before we played, so it's rough at points, but we had fun, I hope you guys enjoy it. After MAGfest I gathered up all of the video and audio and made a super-ghetto bootleg concert video, and it's finally up now. So if you missed it, or want t
  5. Are you sure? These actually happened to me.
  6. http://dwellingofduels.net/forum/ Well, DoD has lived for a long time on The Shizz, but we felt it was time that it got it's own discussion forum, and it's also just the first step in a long series of website upgrades we're working on. DoD discussion will still be on The Shizz, but this location will be primary. Many of you DoD artists have already had their accounts pre-registered for security (i.e. don't want zMetallica posting as BrainCells or something). And Crimson has been sending out the information. So far I think he's only sent it out to Shizz accounts, but he might have done it ove
  7. Some of you already know about this, but I recorded bass for a solo guitar album called "Eleven Mysteries" by an Italian musician named Daniele Liverani. Daniele has worked with tons of other famous rock and metal musicians like Virgil Donati, Mark Boals, Daniel Gildenlow, Russell Allen, Jeff Martin, Philip Bynoe and Johnny Gioeli. Daniele found me on Youtube and contacted me through Facebook to recruit me onto this album. Lion Music (who has tons of other Progressive Metal acts) didn't have much money to give to Daniele for this release, so he was unable to recruit his usual motley crew of w
  8. Posted the track to the Battle #3 arrangement in the private subforum. Don't let me complete these two other arrangements before the rest of you! They're going to be a lot of work.
  9. Well, I made an entry. Thankfully they clarified on the Youtube page that you don't HAVE to use the separate wave files....because I wasn't planning on it anyway!
  10. For legal reasons, let's call them Sans-Triberian Dorkestra. WARNING: High levels of TL;DR but it's well worth the read. Some of you might have heard about this already... I tried to keep it a secret but did a very shitty job about it, because I told at least half of the people on my AIM buddy list every little detail as they came along. Now for legal reasons due to the position I am in, they don't want me publicly discussing my role in the band. Well, at least the managers don't, the band members don't seem to give that much of a shit and let me take pictures with them behind-the-scenes, bu
  11. So I have a birthday on the 28th and I was going to harass Larry again to suggest that posting this song on that day would be a nice present. Guess my harassment worked TOO much Anyways, thanks for the comments guys. Yeah, lots of people comment on that ending and I understand...I worked on this the few days before the DoD deadline so I had to kind of give up on nitpicking the time-consuming things like structure. It was basically like "Oh well this whacky key change thing is kinda neat! But crap I'm so low on time and need to get recording bass and guitars!...........SCREW IT" Ah well.
  12. I have like 2 left. I'll be getting a new shipment soon, though. That's the idea, chronological order. Don't forget "I Need Scissors! 61!" The only thing is I don't know how much better I'll be at music production in another 2-3 years when I'd probably do PuD's DuDs vol. 2. The biggest reason for PuD's DuDs was I learned a crap load about mixing and stuff in-between Zero Light and the making of the album, and I seriously doubt I will learn that much again in the same amount of time.
  13. Alright, total bump from beyond the grave, but I setup a Bandcamp page and put PuD's DuDs on it. You can now stream the album, and actually listen to the differences instead of buying it in good faith from my crap wordpress shopping system! http://tonydickinson.bandcamp.com/
  14. But I did. I guess this where we're just going to have to agree to disagree on what really defines a song. In my opinion, if you take a song and mute the melody, you'll have more of that song than muting everything except the melody, especially in an arrangement. Of course I understand the logic behind wanting to have the majority of the song have melody, but I'm just saying that that shouldn't necessarily apply to every genre of music. If THPOB was a completely different song, totally unrelated to the chord progression and feel of the source, I would probably agree with it having lack of sour
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