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Deus Ex Title Badliz Remix


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Hello there guys, first time here!

My name is BadLiZ, I'm here to present you my current project.

As the title is saying, it's about Original Deus Ex Title.

And here's the link


Still Work-in-Progress because I want to be sure it's really ready with everything fixed.

All I'm asking is some feedback, any ideas to fix thing or two and recommendations, enjoy!



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Hey there, BadliZ, welcome to OCR!

This is a nice cover of the Deus Ex title theme, here. I like the orchestral ideas you present in here, and the electro segue was neat. I'd argue that you have a better grasp on electronic sounds than orchestral ones, based on this arrangement - when using orchestral instruments it's best to really understand what each one should sound like coming from a human player (that is, knowing how instruments will strike, how they'll swell and why they do so): the process is called 'humanizing' the orchestra samples, and it takes an arrangement from decent to great, when done properly.

I liked the electronic sounds - they sound like things that Alexander Brandon would use (he's the composer for Deus Ex). Because of that it sounded pretty close to the source, overall. Not sure if that's what you'd want, but that's what it evoked, for me.

Sounds pretty good, though, thanks for sharing! I hope some of what I said will be helpful for you.

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Thank you very much for this quite fast reply, especially from a moderator.

I appreciate it a lot and I'm trying to find a way/ways to improve this current project of mine.

It's great to hear there's something good in it and I love making orchestral music, although I'm not that good in it, yet.


Here's an update!


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