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Separate artist pages for YPOI/Grodan Grobi

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I spotted a similar issue.

The Destroy Movements and The Shining Blue Armor Descends pages, and everything that links to them (searches, game pages, etc.), list the artist as CHIPP Damage, even though he now goes by The Legendary Zoltan.

The ID3v2 tags for these songs (in both the new torrents and the mirror downloads) give the correct artist name.

However, this time there's no issue with duplicate artists. All the CHIPP Damage links get redirected to The Legendary Zoltan; the numeric artist ID is the same.

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The updated ID3v2 artist tag lists Ryan Probst, but there is no such artist in the OCR artist database. Suggest adding him so that the ID3v2 tags can be in sync with the database. I wonder if there's a way to automatically audit everything and flush out any other discrepancies.

For more on Ryan, see this post. :<

I don't want to keep creating new threads if I can help it, so I'll just reply to this one since the issue is again similar to the others I brought up.

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