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  1. It's interesting listening to the evolution of some of the tracks, for example Johnny's Got The Funk.
  2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7854864/Xenotones-DragonSong.mp3 Everyone must give this version a listen. times a bajillion and one!
  3. I think I signed the underside of the battery cover
  4. Can I get a phone number from you so I can talk to you regarding room arrangements? Please PM me if you're willing.

  5. I have one slot for tonight only. See my status post earlier in the thread.
  6. Install GroupMe, then ask in this thread to be added.
  7. I just bought an Android phone so I could do this at MAGFest. How do I get started? I've installed and logged in to GroupMe, but now it insists I create a group. How do I join an existing OCR group?
  8. But if he's alone in the room, he might want to cancel or transfer the reservation and join up with someone else.
  9. I have room some nights (status here), plus someone just posted on Facebook that she has available floor space.
  10. I've got some room. Here is the current status. Let me know if this works for you.
  11. There's been some upheaval with my room, had somebody drop. So now there's at least one open slot most nights. The current status is here, and I will endeavor to keep that post up-to-date. The per-night cost will be in the low $30s, as low as $28, depending on how many additional people sign up. If anyone needs a place to crash, please let me know. If you're thinking you'd like to stay for several nights but can't because my room will be full on just one of those nights, contact me anyway, and I might bend the six-person limit for just one day. That certainly beats forcing people to stay in different rooms different nights. Also, if anyone (other than Bahamut) has booked a room for anything other than $171.60 a night, let me know. I may have made a mistake when calculating the taxes and fees since they're not clearly spelled out.
  12. Sample MAGFest photo taken by theshaggyfreak: That's me, by the way.
  13. Dulles can be pretty rough too. Dulles International Airport. When traveling to the land of vampires, why not depart from Hell on Earth? Actually one time I got stuck at Dulles overnight. It was a terrible thing, and I wound up being forced to buy new tickets just to get home. Interesting part was that Dulles wasn't even on my original itinerary! I was supposed to go to Dallas, but that flight got canceled "due to wx" (actually due to equipment failure, but with weather they don't have to reimburse), and a two-faced bitch working for United shoved me and my coworker onto a flight to Dulles, promising us hotel and a flight in the morning. No boarding pass, no record of us flying at all, we were essentially stowaways, and when we landed, we got nothing. Night manager asked us how we even got there. We didn't let him go home to his family until he gave us hotel vouchers. And as I already said, we had to buy new tickets to get home. Protip: don't fly United