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Parasite Eve - 'Primal Perspective' (v1.0 - Primal Eyes/Missing Perspective/Main Theme Orchestral)


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version 1.0: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/Xavier_mv_Dang_-_Parasite_Eve_-_Primal_Perspective.mp3

Hey guys! This is pretty much done even though a "pro" version might come out later! Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and comment :) Hope you enjoy this 1.0 version.

· changes since beta5:

··· track is pretty much done, the ending keeps it spicy but stays very true to the original Primal Eyes.

··· another version of the track might come out sometime since a production/mastering guy wants to play around with it. I have to admit I'm not used to mix such rich tracks.


beta5: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/mv_-_parasite_eve__beta5.mp3

beta3: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/mv_-_parasite_eve__beta3.mp3

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beta #5: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/mv_-_parasite_eve__beta5.mp3


what was added/improved

- some smoother transitions, added more drum impacts.

- drums: louder and punchier, DnB drumming is now more varied instead of repeating the same pattern.

- orchestral main theme has been lengthened much and ends in ridiculously epic fashion (except final arpeggio that I dislike now and will get rif of) / still have to figure out how to end the track.

I'm starting to get excited about this one :) Most work I've put on a remix so far. Please comment if you listened! Gracias!

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