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OCR01439 - EarthBound "Red Blue Sanctuary"


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Despite the intro sounding relatively subdued, the vibe packs a feeling of "this is not going to be an easy or straightforward battle." Places like 1:06 and 1:15 sound neat the way the lead plays the first source tune in a higher/more liberal key. Then, after the reverse cymbal at 1:20-1:22, the soundscape encompasses an increasingly chaotic whirlwind battle of PSI powers. For some reason, the background "voices" at 2:18/2:19 make me imagine a schoolyard bully scene, like the victim's having something stolen or is saying something to the effect of "knock it off!"

Sweet transition to the afterglow - it's like the Guardian has faded into nothingness in a major way AND the Sanctuary it's guarded can finally show itself in its full glory. (That, of course, is detailed in the emerging bounty of more sound effects and synths.)

Not sure what to feel about that "welcome to your sanctuary" sample. I do like how, when it makes its entrance, it livens up the beat like the other synths, and from a narrative viewpoint, its prominence at the end is like Ness becoming fully conscious of the sanctuary's message following a boss fight. But when it's exposed, it sounds unevenly piercing when it pronounces "sanctuary" from the distortion or whatever that's still coating it. I guess I kind of expect it to sound more humanized.

Crafty storytelling mix nonetheless.

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This is one of my favorites.

Starts simple and sweet, nostalgic.

1:14 added a nice bit of complexity...

then 1:24... !

Through 1:40 you get a takeover and wonder what's going on...

2:02 the original chords pierce through and you notice how much it evolved to get to 1:30

And then... I get the chills.

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Great mix here - it sounds like it belongs right in the game. I know it's a small part of the song, but I especially like the small section around :56. It's super trippy and fun sounding.

Nice harmonics going on throughout the piece. The second half also fits well, and I thought had a really nice dreamy feeling soundscape. The overall beat and bass is super good too.

The vocals are a bit piercing, but it's not a problem for too long. Nice ending, by the way! I like it when songs end the way yours did.

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